Prevention is Better Than Cure


If you want your refrigeration equipment to run better and longer, then make it a habit to do some preventive maintenance.  Keeping a regular schedule on check-up and maintenance is a must and should be a habit.  This is not a one time deal but a process that will be for the long haul. A lot of times, people think that calling the repairman when need arises is better and cheaper than having him come to visit and check on a regular basis. Prevention is always better than cure. So before your refrigeration equipment exhibits deterioration, have it checked regularly.  A lot of times you would call a repairman when it has conked out already and chances are at that time it is a little too late. Even before your refrigeration equipment has exhibited the need for minor repairs have it checked by the maintenance people already. This way they get to detect possible cases of bigger problems even before they start. … [Read more...]

Maintenance to-do List Saves You Precious Money


If you want to keep your refrigeration equipment running at its designed best then you must have a preventive maintenance schedule to remind you. A schedule is important for a busy person like you. At least having this list would not make you forget about what you should be doing at a particular time. You keep a daily-to-do list, right? Then why not keep a maintenance to-do list as well. The list does not have to be very exhaustive;  just a couple of points with the corresponding task and person assigned to do the work should do.  A good example on your maintenance to-do list would be: Task  - Department In-Charge - Person In Charge - Date checked This list is by no means exhaustive and you can always format your maintenance to-do list according to your need. There really is not hard and fast rule about this. Just create a schedule and stick with it so that you get to reap the benefits of a preventive maintenance schedule. Another  benefit of having a schedule is that … [Read more...]

Intellicon – RU can reduce electrical consumption between 10 – 20% on commercial refrigeration systems.

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"Intellicon-RU is a Refrigeration Unit Electrical Consumption Economizer. It provides a great way to save on refrigeration costs. Intellicon-RU will reduce electrical consumption by 10 to 20%, when installed on commercial refrigeration/ freezer systems. It represents a major advancement in refrigeration system energy-saving technology, unsurpassed in today's commercial refrigeration market place. Intellicon-RU is easily installed by a qualified installer, maintenance free and guaranteed to save energy. This product is UL listed as "Energy Management Equipment". It allows the user to increase savings without replacing or upgrading costly system components. Intellicon-RU has a State of the art microcomputer controller, and LED indicators show operating modes.  It also protects the compressor against momentary power outages and short cycling.  The installation is simple when done by a qualified HVAC/R installer. No programing or follow- up visits are required after installation. This … [Read more...]

What is SEER Ratings and Why Does It Matter


SEER stands for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the way you can size up the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system. SEER ratings permit consumers to compare operating costs of various cooling systems and products. The higher your air conditioning's  SEER rating, the better it is because it simply means that your air conditioning system is very efficient which will translate to big savings as it doesn't need so much energy to cool your place down. Unfortunately the older your air conditioning system is, the lower its SEER rating is.  Normally, a good air conditioning system would give you a SEER rating of 10 but an older system will give you somewhere around half the rating of the newer system. It would be best to see your place's air conditioning system as well. Check out for air leakage, duct system and have your system checked for routine maintenance and other factors that would lead to over taxing your system. Aside from money you are going to save by … [Read more...]

Refrigerator Tips – Things To Do To Save More Money

Refrigerators eat up about 25% of our electric bill. As it is the case, then it's about time to do something about it especially so if your fridge is already old. We tend to think that shelling out a big amount of money to buy a new fridge will not be a money saving purchase in the future. If you are thinking along these lines, then unfortunately you are wrong. Instead of saving money, you are wasting it in the long run. Old model refrigerators are not yet made to be energy efficient, they are electricity guzzlers and it is advisable that you buy a newer model as soon as you can. But if you don't have enough money to buy one yet, then the experts from Northeast Cooling have these tips to share as you continue saving for a new one: 1. Fridge door must be shut at all times. If your fridge door can't be closed tightly, then you are sure that you are wasting your money by paying more on the electricity it consumes. The motor will keep on working so that it can maintain the desired … [Read more...]

Save Money On Electricity and Repairs – Have Preventive Maintenance Done On Your Commercial Refrigeration.

Who doesn't want to save precious dollars on their electric bill, right? If you are one of the millions who think along these lines, then take heart because help is on the way! Let's focus on your refrigeration equipment. This is the equipment that works the hardest for everybody. One of the most useful as it helps us keep our food fresher longer and gives us relief after a hard day's work under the scorching sun by giving us cold water to drink among a host of other things it can do. Unfortunately, we tend to take our refrigeration for granted maintenance wise. So what should we do to make this equipment work for us in the longest most efficient way? Try not over stock your cooler or freezer. The tendency is to put everything inside until you will have a hard time closing it. Air must be allowed to circulate inside so that it can freeze and or cool the items inside. Overstocking it will just make the compressor work harder, thus shortening its life span. If you want to get … [Read more...]