5 Steps To Conserve Energy & Extend Life Of Refrigeration Equipment In Chicago

Condenser partially cleaned

The following is a short, but extremely important, list of things end-users can do on their own to reduce power usage and extend the life of their commercial refrigeration units including coolers, freezers, and ice machines.   This list is easy to check, and  critical in maintaining proper product temperature. If, after reading this, you should have any questions please feel free to contact us! 1: KEEP CONDENSER COILS CLEAN: This includes condensers on coolers, freezers, and ice machines! The condenser coil is the heat exchanger on refrigeration units. It's the coil located on the outside of unit and expels the heat from refrigerant by passing it through a coil with the aid of a fan. It is ESSENTIAL TO KEEP THIS COIL CLEAN for proper operation of the unit. Failure to do so will result in expensive repairs including, but not limited to, compressor failure, fan motor failure, capillary tubing restrictions, burnt wiring and thermostat failure. We recommend that the … [Read more...]

GreenChill awards Whole Foods for their GREEN Refrigeration Efforts


Whole Foods Receives GreenChill Award for its GREEN Efforts   Northeast Cooling is thrilled to see several major retail grocery chains, not only participating in the Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership, but receiving awards for their commitment to the program. GreenChill was launched in November of 2007 as a response to the phase-out of ozone depleting hydrochlorofluorcarbons.  The GreenChill Partnership pairs the EPA with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease impact on the ozone layer and climate change. GreenChill started with just six founding partners in 2007; today there are a total of 54 partners, including SuperValu, Whole Foods, Publix, and Target. This brings the total number of individual stores involved in the initiative to over 7,000! It is estimated that these 7,000+ stores make up over 20% of the entire supermarket industry. Recently, the EPA awarded honors to some of these stores. Among those honored is a … [Read more...]

Freeaire® Changing the face of Commercial Refrigeration for the Greener


“Freeaire® - Save Energy, Save Money. Save Maintenance. Save the Planet.” We like everything about that slogan! We’ve just discovered Freeaire® and it looks to be an innovative way to create an amazingly efficient Green Commercial Refrigeration system. Freeaire®’s systems create energy efficient ways to provide retail and commercial refrigeration utilizing natural weather patterns. Saving you money The heart of the Freeaire® refrigeration system is its patented electronic Cooler Controller™. This computer is able to create maximum efficiency by operating each component of the conventional refrigeration system only as much as is necessary to produce the desired temperature. This unit can be used globally and in any climate. It’s the computer’s job to make sure all energy is being used efficiently and effectively. No component is allowed to run unnecessarily which saves money and the environment. Protecting the Environment Freeaire® is aiming to be part of … [Read more...]

Northeast Cooling’s Green Gem in Ford Transit Connect

Truck at Miller Coors S. Wacker

Northeast Cooling isn’t just available for your every commercial refrigeration need night or day, from Chicago to Kenosha and all points in between, we provide the Greenest service possible. Right down to our service vehicles! For the past year, Mitch has been primarily driving a 2010 Ford Transit Connect. Ford boasts this handy little truck as having the best fuel economy in its class. We’d have to agree. Over the past year we’ve racked up 19,500 miles and averaged 20 mpg! For us, that means using approximately 975 gallons of gasoline during the course of the year. This is a huge savings over our ¾ ton heavy duty truck, also a Ford. We still use our Ford E250 ¾ ton van to service larger commercial refrigeration install jobs, but favor the Transit Connect for everyday use. Our E250 gets 10 mpg! That means without the addition of our new vehicle we’d have used 1950 gallons of gas this year alone! See image below.   When you consider we can, and do, have … [Read more...]

Northeast Cooling’s Summer Savings!


If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you know we strive to be well connected. We love the opportunity that Social Media offers when it comes to connecting with our customers. We also love being able to provide you, our biggest supporters, with great deals via all the fun, new, and innovative Social Networking sites. Here's a list of our latest Summer Deals! 1.  Pegmo.com -- Follow us on Pegmo.com and complete all 3 Pegs to recieve awesome incentives. We are offering retail savings, cash,  and/or gas cards for participating! 2.  Facebook -- Follow us on Facebook, give us a like, and find a special coupon on our landing page! 3.  Google Latitude -- Ever wonder if we're in your area at the very moment you need us? Well, Google Latitude can tell you. Follow us on Latitude and give us a holler, you could save if we are in your area! It's easy just check our homepage to check our location! You could receive $25!   It pays to be CONNECTED! … [Read more...]

EPA Helps Businesses Transition to GREEN Practices with GreenChill!

Greenchill - EPA Partnership with Advanced Refrigeration

GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership is a program recently introduced by the EPA to assist  those in the hospitality industry by alleviating the guesswork in making the transition to more environmentally friendly refrigerants in the upcoming years. The EPA describes GreenChill as an "EPA Partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change."  The ultimate goal of this partnership it to help improve air quality through the reduction of emissions that contribute to ozone depletion. This team effort was brought about by The Montreal Protocol, which began in 1987 as means to reduce and eliminate the use of CFCs and HCFCs.  This includes a globally mandated ban on Freon, and other CFC and HCFC gases, set to be at 99.5 percent below the determined baseline by the year 2020. We are currently at 75 percent below the determined baseline. These numbers alone can prove confusing, as well as the … [Read more...]