Chicago boasts NRA Show and Chicago Craft Beer Week!

Chicago Craft Beer Week

  The days ahead hold a plethora of Hospitality Industry excitement right here in Sweet Home Chicago! Starting on the 21st and continuing through the weekend to the 24th of  May is the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. This year’s show is being held at McCormick Place and is bound to interest everyone in the Hospitality Industry regardless of their niche. The NRA Show has something for everyone, from culinary trends to cutting edge kitchen equipment to a Beer and Wine Event. So much to see and do. The education sessions are prolific and cover a wide variety of topics. You can learn more about the business aspect and profitability of your industry or you can gain advice on the latest technology. We’re most excited about the Sustainability/Social Responsibility sessions. We are always investigating new and innovative ways to go GREEN! We are looking forward to checking out manufacturers such as True, Beverage Air,  and Tor Rey to discuss the latest … [Read more...]

Pegmo: Your Social Media Loyalty Punchcard


We know what you're thinking: "Oh boy, yet another Social Media tool that encourages me to check in and display my lunch fare." We think Chicago-based startup Pegmo is worth a second look and has more to offer than just letting your friends know where you are and what you're eating.  Wes Donohoe (@weseddon), Jordan Ho (@sneakstar), and Sanjay Kapoor (@sanjman7) have created a Social Media platform that encourages customer loyalty and interaction with businesses through rewards. In a recent interview with Sean McGinnis of 312 Digital (@SeanMcGinnis), Donohoe likens Pegmo to the paper punchcards of days gone past. Pegmo is a virtual punchcard where consumers are rewarded for engaging with friends and businesses via the Social Media networks they already frequent. Pegmo seamlessly ties together several of the Social Networks that you may already use on a daily basis: Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. The idea is that you find your friends and businesses, connect with them, then you … [Read more...]

Google Latitude Competes for Location Based Incentives Niche

google latitude

  Google recently jumped into the pool with Foursquare to compete head-on in the location based apps arena. Google launched check-ins and rewards to their Google Maps app, Latitude.  Latitude is currently an app for iPhone and Android that tracks user location, asks them if they’d like to check in, and provides opportunities to earn discounts and special offers at businesses they patronize regularly. While there are no Mayors, there are Gurus and VIPs. Really, who doesn’t want to be a Guru or VIP of their favorite eatery or imbibing spot? Google has even partnered with American Eagle, Macy’s, and Quizno’s to provide high profile incentives to their users. Some may say that the tracking software is nothing more than glorified and justified stalking. Businesses are looking at this app from another angle. Businesses stand to gain a regular customer base simply by offering incentives for multiple check-ins to their locations. What’s unique about Latitude, beyond … [Read more...]

Carbon Dioxide Refrigerant Makes a GREEN Comeback

  Over 100 years of Carbon Dioxide as a Refrigerant? CO2 was the refrigerant of choice during the early 20th century but was later replaced with man-made chemicals. In light of environmental concerns carbon dioxide is making a return appearance. Thanks to technological advances that include the manufacture of extremely thin yet strong aluminum tubing carbon dioxide is now a more practical and affordable choice when selecting a refrigerant. The Linde Group says that Carbon Dioxide marketed and sold as, R744, “is environmentally friendly, having zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and minimal GWP (Global Warming Potential).”  Since scientists have been able to develop a safe and stable way to use CO2 as a refrigerant, we now have a GREEN option to replace R22 which is being phased out worldwide, due to its production of Greenhouse gases. The use of CO2 as a refrigerant dates back more than a hundred years; however, it fell out of favor in the air conditioning and … [Read more...]

Chicago Earth Day Green Event with @MafiaHairdreser

mafia hairdresser greenchicagologo-300x300

Earth Week is fast approaching and Northeast Cooling would like to invite you to a very special Earth Week event taking place on Monday, April 18th 2011 from 5:45 to 8:00 pm.   Please join us for @MafiaHairdreser’s GREEN CHICAGO Earthday Celebration at Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa in Chicago. This event brings “Social Media Royalty” together with a variety Chicagoland Green Groups.   Mingle, mix, and share your interests and skills!   Tickets are $10 and include food, beverages , and a secret recipe “Mafia-Mojito” concocted by jon-david, @MafiaHairdresser himself! The evening will also include a screening of Meet the Gulf, by Pepsi Refresh Challenge winner, Alicia Ontiveros. The film is her documentary showcasing the everyday challenges faced by those affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As a special treat, jon-david will be launching, and signing, his brand new book, Mafia Hairdresser. You may pre-purchase your book and … [Read more...]

Einstein Takes Refrigeration Green


Would you believe that in 1930 Albert Einstein invented, and patented, a refrigeration system that uses ammonia, butane, and water instead of environmentally damaging Freon gases? This invention uses no electricity, has no moving parts, and could reduce greenhouse gases if replicated today! IS THIS TRUE? It seems many people are not even aware that Einstein, along with his colleague, Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, developed this practical refrigerator in 1930. The invention was in direct response to a 1926 incident involving a family in Berlin that had been killed by poisonous gases leaking from a refrigerator. Einstein and Szilard were then inspired to invent a safer alternative to current refrigeration systems.  Their ultimate goal was to invent a refrigerator that required no electricity and no moving parts. They believed this would alleviate the chance of seals leaking and gas escaping, thereby providing a safer in home refrigeration unit. In 1930, they were successful in … [Read more...]