R22 Refrigerant Is Being Phased Out. Start Thinking Retrofit!

What type of gas does your commercial refrigeration equipment use?  Is it time to consider a change?  Northeast Cooling is here to help! R22 Refrigerant is being phased out by the Montreal Protocol Act.  This ozone depleting refrigerant is is used in many air conditioning and refrigeration applications world wide, and this type of  gas is very commonly used in the Chicagoland area.  The sale of new R22 equipment is no longer allowed.  As of January 1st, 2010 the consumption and production of R22 gas has been reduced by 75%. By the year 2015 it will be 90% reduced.  The gas will be 99.5%  phased out by the year 2020. (source EPA HCFC Phaseout Schedule) This has happened before, one of the first gasses to be completely phased out was R12 in 1995.  After the production of R12 stopped the price rose by hundreds of dollars.  It was used in air conditioning and refrigeration. Retrofit (replacement gasses) became available. This allowed technicians to convert the equipment to … [Read more...]

Vlog About The Types Of Gas & Parts Stocked For Our Customers.

Northeast Cooling keeps many different refrigerants and parts in stock to handle our customers cooler & freezer repair needs in the Chicago Land area. This video explains some of the different gases & their uses. … [Read more...]

Go Green! Everyday Earth Day Tips

Earth Day is here! What steps you can take to live a greener life? Here are some suggestions to help green-up your life: Replace old style light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). These bulbs will save up to $30 during the course of it's lifetime. They pay for themselves within 6 months. Use rain barrels to collect water for your garden instead of using your hose. "It's a simple fact of life that all gardens need water. So, where do you get it? Most people simply turn on the tap and water away. But there is an alternative - rainwater. Consider this: one inch of rain will yield half a gallon of water for every square foot. That means that 100 square feet can capture 50 gallons of water. That's a lot of water and in the city most of it will go down the sewer drains." Source Joanne Jones - EzineArticles.com Expert Author Unplug anything you are not using. Power is consumed even when an appliance is turned off!  "In the average home, 75% of the … [Read more...]

GreenChill – The Environment’s Best Friend in the Refrigeration Industry

Everybody needs to have a support group in whatever advocacy they are trying to fight for. Thus a group of people who belong in the refrigeration industry banded together to do their share in protecting the environment. They called their group GreenChill.   Some of you may be wondering what GreenChill is all about and  now is the time to get to know the group a little bit more. GreenChill is a group composed of the stake holders in the supermarket industry and other people who are promoting refrigeration practices that will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit and lessen the use of substances that will further deplete the ozone layer. The group is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  They are spearheading the greening of the refrigeration industry by voluntarily promoting green refrigeration technologies. As they promote ways of protecting the environment from further decline, GreenChill also promotes practices that will help the environment by … [Read more...]

Raley’s Supermarket Gets the GreenChill Gold Certification Again


Congratulations are in order for Raley's Supermarket as they have been awarded with a GreenChill gold-level award for being the latest supermarket who went green in their refrigeration technology. The GreenChill Gold certification is given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to honor the members of the supermarket industry who are keen in promoting green technologies in their premises.  This is an important award for those supermarkets who look for green ways of doing business like reducing refrigerant charges and other ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases. EPA is aware that everybody needs a boost of encouragement to help members of the supermarket industry continue doing the right thing in helping protect the environment. So far, Raley's Supermarkets  have either received the gold or silver GreenChill certifications in their stores making them the leader in the supermarket industry in certified stores. Congratulation Raley's Supermarket for leading the … [Read more...]

CrossFire™ LED lighting system – 85% Savings in Energy Costs


If you are in the commercial refrigeration industry and you have been wanting to chop off a big chunk of your energy cost expenses then the CrossFire™ LED lighting system is the best option for you.  Imagine saving about 85% of your energy cost by using the CrossFire™ LED lighting system - 85% that you could reinvest in other aspects of your refrigeration business. Money is not the only thing you will save with the CrossFire™ LED lighting system because it will also lessen, if not remove, the heat that is being added to your cold environment. This feature of the CrossFire™ will help increase the life of your compressor as it reduces its run times because of the heat reduction that the CrossFire™ gives. These positive points will make you save even more money because there will be lesser, if not no maintenance cost at all in your part,  and your initial investment in purchasing the CrossFire™ will be paid back in no time because of the huge savings it will give you … [Read more...]