4 Ways To Prevent a Refrigerator Meltdown

Refrigerators are a necessity of modern living, keeping our food cold and edible for weeks, months, or even years depending on what you’ve got stored inside. It also provides a safe place to keep different medications, changing the landscape of how diseases like diabetes are handled and improving the quality of life overall.

With an appliance this important, it’s just as necessary to keep a close eye on your refrigerator and respond to any issues it has as quickly as possible. Here’s four ways to keep tabs on your fridge and catch problems early.

Thorough Dating

To make sure you know exactly how long something in your fridge has been there, take the restaurant approach and date everything. Even “sell by” dates aren’t really a guarantee of freshness (or expiration, for that matter), so marking the date when you first bought or cooked your food in the fridge can help you figure out how fresh it actually is. This is especially helpful for large households, as it lets everyone know when something needs to go at a glance.

Home Security System

Probably not your first thought when it comes to monitoring a fridge, right? But a home security system can come in handy for problems the fridge itself could be having. You can invest in a home security system that includes flood monitoring and you can use it to check for leaking water from a fridge, for example. It’s usually just a good investment for your home overall, too.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning out a fridge every month or two is a good way to eliminate clutter, get rid of expired food, and keep a clean kitchen. The process of cleaning out the fridge is also a great time for any maintenance checks on the hardware to make sure nothing’s leaking, shorting out, or not cooling properly. Use it as an opportunity to do a thorough check of different appliances in your kitchen so everything can be working at full capacity together.

Power Monitoring

Monitoring the power usage of your fridge and your home can be a great way to save money as well as spot problems. If, for example, an energy report indicates that your fridge has starting using up a lot more energy than before, it could indicate there’s some kind of wiring problem that makes it drain more power. That or someone in your house needs a talk about leaving the door open too long.

With just a bit of effort and these handy tips, you’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard with fridge problems again. Just keep a watchful eye on these factors and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing all your food, medicine, and anything else that needs chilling will be at a safe temperature.

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