Does Your Business Comply with These Commercial Refrigeration Safety Standards?

Commercial refrigerators provide business with an easy way to keep their perishables fresh, but it’s not as foolproof as just tossing food in and not having to check on it. Poor refrigerator maintenance can lead to serious issues with your inventory and put your customers at risk for illness. To avoid this, you should make sure your business complies with these commercial refrigeration safety standards.

Check for Fire Hazards

Refrigerators are meant to cool food, but there’s also quite a bit of heat involved. They run on electricity and have compressors that can risk overheating, and that can lead to fires. Leaks could also cause the electronics to short-circuit. Your fridges need to be routinely inspected and taken out of use if there’s any sign of danger. Depending on the circumstances, you might need to replace part or all of a unit.

Check Your Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a must for your refrigerators to keep your inventory fresh, but it must be contained. If you’re dealing with a loss of refrigerant, you need to check for leaks. Instead of simply refilling the system, any refrigerant leaks must be detected and repaired. Failure to do so results in the refrigerant being released into the atmosphere, which is a violation of the Clean Air Act’s regulations and can result in heavy fines. Plus, if your refrigerator uses ammonia as a refrigerant, then you are exposing employees to a hazardous chemical and could be in violation of HAZCOM standards. Your fridge needs to be maintained in a way that provides safety for everyone in your workplace.

Clean it Properly

Cleaning your refrigerator is a no-brainer, but the right cleaning method might not be so obvious. It’s not something that should be put off until the odor is so bad that you have no choice. Give it a good cleaning at least once per day. It can just be one simple addition to your cleaning to-do list. You should also use proper cleaning materials. Chemical-based cleaners can end up penetrating packaging and toxifying food. Bleach should never be used either. Dishwashing soap, warm water, and a good washcloth or sponge are all you need. Consistent cleaning is also important, as you don’t have to worry about spending so much time trying to scrub out stains that have caked into your fridge.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to comply with commercial refrigerator standards. You just have to follow these guidelines and investigate any other signs of malfunctioning. Your refrigerator needs to run smoothly, but that ultimately depends on how much effort you put into regular maintenance.