Evaporator Fan Controller For Refrigeration

Conserve Energy By Controlling Evaporator Fan Motor Speed On Commercial Refrigeration Walk In Cooler & Walk In Freezer Evaporator Coils Save money and electrical consumption on your Walk In Coolers & Walk In Freezers with the Refrigeration Evaporator Fan Controller by Functional Devices Inc. This is crucial, especially when you consider Commercial Refrigeration accounts for at least 20% of electrical…
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Cool Fourth of July Fun in Chicago

The 4th of July Weekend is upon us! It’s forcasted to be a scorcher, so make sure you have all your cooling equipment properly maintained so your event will run without a hitch! See our recent commercial refrigeration maintenance post for helpful hints: http://northeastcooling.com/spring-cleaning-commercial-refrigeration-equipment-comprehensive-maintenance-checklist/   Chicago is the perfect place to celebrate the Fourth of…
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Summer Sizzle Elicits One Word: Maintenance!

  After this past week’s heat brief, but brutal, heat wave we just cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment. While we love the business, we hate to see you in a bind! Even one of our friends learned the hard way at home in Lake County. “Who needs to check…
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Commercial Refrigeration Spring Maintenance Tips

Properly maintaining commercial coolers and freezers will prevent costly repairs! It will also reduce electrical consumption and help lengthen the life of equipment. The best way to assure proper maintenance is to hire a qualified contractor like Northeast Cooling LLC to perform clean and checks on your equipment.

What is SEER Ratings and Why Does It Matter

SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the way you can size up the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system. SEER ratings permit consumers to compare operating costs of various cooling systems and products. The higher your air conditioning’s  SEER rating, the better it is because it simply means that your air…
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