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Energy Saving Refrigeration With EC Motors And Fan Controls

EC Motors And Fan Controls Save Big Money

Northeast Cooling has been upgrading commercial refrigeration systems in Chicago for many years now through various energy efficiency programs. One of the best energy saving refrigeration retrofits is to change from old style shaded pole motors to high efficiency two speed electronically commutated motors (EC Motors) & fan speed controls. This is especially true when changing evaporator fan motors in coolers & freezers. These fans run twenty four hours a day. New style EC motors are over 60% more efficient than old style motors at high speed & in low speed mode they are over 90% more efficient! The end result after this efficiency upgrade is that the new evaporator fans save over 60% on electricity half the time & over 90% during compressor off cycles. The energy saving refrigeration products Northeast Cooling uses are manufactured by Greenwize Energy Solutions. One of their Fan Controls is pictured below (click image for better detail). Read more

Refrigeration Energy Savings

Food service businesses like C Stores, Grocery Stores, Service Stations, Restaurants & Liquor Stores spend around $4 per square  foot on energy. Up to half of that amount is spent on refrigeration alone. There are several steps that can be taken to improve the efficiency of older commercial refrigeration equipment and realize refrigeration energy savings.

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Hydrocarbon Refrigerant; A Case Study

As EPA & Snap regulations start to take effect there will be a push towards CO2 & Hydrocarbon natural refrigerants in Chicago, North America & beyond.

CO2 and Hydrocarbon Refrigerant have been in use throughout much of Europe for years and both have been proven to work well. There are major changes on the way for the HVAC and Refrigeration industries Read more

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