Pros and Cons of Using Ammonia as a Refrigerant

The first time ammonia was used for refrigeration, it was 1876. America was celebrating her centennial, and Ulysses S. Grant was wrapping up his last term in office. Even though it has now been used for a little over 140 years a refrigerant in industrial applications, it still remains popular today. However, there is still…
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7 Strategies Businesses Can Use to Reduce Utility Bills

Running a successful restaurant generally means that you must watch expenses carefully. More than that, you must find realistic and effective ways to reduce expenses. If your restaurant is like many others, the utilities expenses may seem to be much higher than they should be. Many businesses spend much more money than necessary on utilities,…
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4 Ways To Prevent a Refrigerator Meltdown

Refrigerators are a necessity of modern living, keeping our food cold and edible for weeks, months, or even years depending on what you’ve got stored inside. It also provides a safe place to keep different medications, changing the landscape of how diseases like diabetes are handled and improving the quality of life overall. With an…
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R22 Phaseout Is Happening Fast! Now What?

R22 Gas Is Widely Used For Commercial Refrigeration. R22 Phaseout Is In Full Swing As Mandated By The EPA. Here Are Some Viable Options In Dealing With The Phaseout. R22 Phaseout has been in the works for years. This gas was put on the EPA‘s hit list with the creation of the Montreal Protocol to protect…
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ReviewRail: A Tool To Get More Online Reviews

I’ve been searching for a solid tool that can help increase our online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook and the BBB. I tested a few but none seemed to hit the mark. I then came across ReviewRail. I went back and forth with the founder Steve and he set me up with an…
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Energy Saving Refrigeration With EC Motors And Fan Controls

EC Motors And Fan Controls Save Big Money Northeast Cooling has been upgrading commercial refrigeration systems in Chicago for many years now through various energy efficiency programs. One of the best energy saving refrigeration retrofits is to change from old style shaded pole motors to high efficiency two speed electronically commutated motors (EC Motors) &…
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Refrigeration Energy Savings

Food service businesses like C Stores, Grocery Stores, Service Stations, Restaurants & Liquor Stores spend around $4 per square  foot on energy. Up to half of that amount is spent on refrigeration alone. There are several steps that can be taken to improve the efficiency of older commercial refrigeration equipment and realize refrigeration energy savings.

Round Lake Refrigeration

Northeast Cooling is a commercial refrigeration company based in Round Lake Illinois. We specialize in the service & repair of coolers, freezers & ice machines. We do one thing & we do it well! We cater to C Stores, Service Stations, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Scientific Labs & more.

Chicago Google City Experts

Being in the Refrigeration service & repair business I get around Chicago & the surrounding areas. When I heard about a new Google program I knew it was the perfect fit for me! I want to let you in on a cool deal happening in the Windy City & cities all over the world. Google…
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