Unlikely Bedfellows: Gist, Social Media, and Commercial Refrigeration

Recently we were honored and excited to be mentioned once again in a post by the amazing people at Gist! We were also proud to be mentioned in the company of Chicago’s own @Leyla_A and @NicoleYeary: awesome people and amazing users of social media as a professional tool. Check out the guest post by Greg Meyer on SiliconPrairieNews.com: http://www.siliconprairienews.com/2011/06/greg-meyer-of-gist-finding-your-true-fans-in-every-city

If you haven’t used Gist, you’re missing out on a powerful networking and organization tool. Gist provides a complete view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details. If you haven’t seen their handiwork, be sure to check them out.

Since creating the @refrigeration Twitter account in February of 2009, and being heavily involved in the Social Media World, Northeast Cooling has been afforded so many opportunities to meet great people, foster friendships, and grow the business.

It was in October of 2010 that @NicoleYeary invited Northeast Cooling to an event at @SushiSambaChi in Chicago where the initial meeting with some of the people behind Gist took place. Both @RobertAtGist and @GregAtGist were engaging and were able to fully explain how beneficial @gist could be.

The very next day @refrigeration had a brand spankin’ new Gist account. It has proven to be invaluable to our small commercial refrigeration business!  Gist enables us to consolidate our contacts from email and the various social networks into one convenient location. Gist allows users create a public profile where they can add all of their social networks, websites, email, and other forms of social media interaction.

Back in February of this year when @RobertAtGist asked Northeast Cooling owner, Mitch Byrne, what one piece of advice he’d give on how to use technology for marketing and building relationships, his response was poignant, practical, and savvy:

“Don’t spam your own information all the time. Engage your target audience and build meaningful relationships. The leads will follow.”