Cleaner Air after 2010

Imagine breathing air as fresh as a flower on its first flush.  A flower with colors so bright and petals in lovely bloom. When 2010 comes, this picture in your mind will slowly become a reality.

With everybody being aware of how critically damaged our environment has become, steps are being taken to ensure that further damage is arrested. There are a lot of public awareness programs that aim at educating the masses of how to better take care of the environment – the only world we’ve got. So by 2010 the production of R-22, the colorless and harmful gas used in many air-conditioner and refrigeration units, will be stopped. This single act will give our environment an opportunity to breathe in cleaner air by then.

Although by the year 2010 there will still be refrigeration and air conditioning units that will still be using R-22 but the most important thing is that no new units using R-22 will be manufactured. Even after that, all cooling units still using R-22 will soon be phased out as well. Slowly but surely this gas that causes severe damage to our environment will finally be out of existence. Even if the damage has been done and some are permanent, every little change for the better matters a lot.

The best thing to do now, is to takes steps that will ensure that the air conditioning unit that we use at home will be properly disposed of and start saving for a newer model that is much more efficient and definitely environment friendly. Let us do this not only for our generation but for the generation that comes after us. They deserve a much cleaner air so let it start from us after all, it was our generation that were the biggest pollutants of all time.