Commercial Refrigeration Energy Saving Tips

Refrigeration accounts for about 20% of the energy used world wide. There are steps that can be taken to lower commercial refrigeration energy consumption. Following our thorough refrigeration maintenance checklist and performing control upgrades can reduce electrical consumption by as much as 20% and more. It can also extend the life of commercial refrigeration equipment & prevent commercial refrigeration repair service. The following is recommended to start reducing commercial refrigeration energy usage & avoid commercial refrigeration service calls.

Commercial Refrigeration Energy Saving Checklist

  1. Keep condenser coils clean & de grease if necessary. Have the coils inspected once a month or more.
  2. Make sure door gaskets (seals) are in good condition & working properly.
  3. If refrigeration unit is equipped with automatic door closers make sure they operate properly.
  4. Keep commercial ice machines clean & have them serviced at least twice a year. Ice Machine service & repair in Lake County Illinois is needed more often when using well water.

See our DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Inspection post for more details.

Simple, sustainable, energy saving upgrades are available for commercial walk in coolers & commercial freezers. One such product is Intellicon-RU.  This product can reduce electrical consumption by as much as 10 to 20%! It is a microcomputer controller that once installed makes the refrigeration system run at a higher efficiency level. This also helps reduce service calls & can extend the life of the compressor. Please see our Intellicon-RU post for more details.

By implementing routine commercial refrigeration preventive maintenance & installing energy economizing parts the cost running of equipment may drop by 20% or more. This will pay for itself in the long run. Contact us with any questions about commercial refrigeration preventive maintenance or commercial refrigeration energy saving options.