Commercial Refrigeration Spring Maintenance Tips

Summer is fast approaching. Now is  a good time to make sure refrigeration equipment in Chicago is ready for the warmer months ahead.

Properly maintaining commercial coolers and freezers will prevent costly repairs this summer! It will also reduce electrical consumption and help lengthen the life of equipment. The best way to assure proper maintenance is to hire a qualified contractor like Northeast Cooling LLC to perform clean and checks on your equipment.

Here are some tips to help avoid emergency cooler repair in Illinois this Summer.

Basic refrigeration maintenance check list:

  • pressure clean / degrease condenser coils
  • clear condensate drain lines
  • check condition of  door gaskets
  • monitor thermostat operation and adjust as needed
  • monitor temperature and cycling
  • check compressor operation and control wiring
  • check refrigerant level
  • oil motors if oil ports exist
  • check unit thermometer
  • check suction line insulation
  • inspect door hinges & door closers
  • check and adjust defrost timers

Did you know it can be dangerous to have a dirty ice machine?  It is very important to keep your ice machine clean!

Here is an ice machine maintenance check list:

  • all removable parts should be taken out and cleaned
  • bin drain should be pressure cleaned
  • an acid wash should be done on evaporator
  • bin should be scrubbed and sanitized
  • after cleaning ice level sense probe will need to be adjusted

Here is a maintenance check list for A/C:

  • pressure clean condenser coil
  • replace air filters
  • replace blower belt
  • clear condensate drain
  • check thermostat operation and settings

Most remote condensers are out of sight. That does not mean they should be out of mind!

A unit may continue to work when the condenser is dirty. It will consume much more electricity though. In fact it may run 24 hours a day to keep up. Eventually if the situation is not corrected an expensive break down will occur. It is fairly common to find a bad compressor due to overheating caused by a dirty coil and lack of maintenance.  Unfortunately this usually seems to happen on a weekend when there is only emergency service available. (Yes! I work on the weekends!)

This is what a dirty condenser coil looks like.

This is how a  clean condenser should look.

Maintenance will save on electric, prolong the life of equipment, and cut down on costly emergency repairs. Northeast Cooling would be happy to help maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment this Spring.  Call today to book your commercial refrigeration appointment – 847-409-3332.