Cool Chicago Beer Events for November

Ice. Cold. Beer. Brings a smile to my face.

One of the most important jobs we do here at Northeast Cooling is keeping the beer in Chicago nice and cold. Whether its commercial bottle coolers, keg coolers, or warehouse beer storage coolers we’ve got ya covered!

Refrigeration is essential to beer and beer can be essential to a happy work week!  Even Benjamin Franklin is said to have been an avid beer drinker. The proclamation “God, created beer because He wants us to be happy,” is attributed to him! This may be a misquote, but a positive sentiment nonetheless.

Speaking of beer making us happy, there are two upcoming beer events in Chicago that are worth checking out.

Ninth Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer 

This Saturday, November 12th check out the Ninth Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer at: Chicago Journeyman Plumbers’ Local Union 130 Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium1340 W. Washington Blvd.  in Chicago.  Admission includes souvenir tasting glass, program, and 16 sample tickets.

This event is unique in that all the beer is handcrafted and aged in  barrels that are new, or previously contained wine, whiskey, or bourbon. The latter take on new and exciting flavors. Come on out and enjoy some very creative brews!

Drink Deck’s 2nd Year Anniversary FREE BEER Party

On Wednesday, the 16th of November stop by The Beer Bistro as Drink Deck celebrates its second anniversary by throwing a “free beer today” party!


FREE BEER! How? You ask?   


Drink Deck is a handy deck of cards or slick phone app that combines “savings, urban exploration and great recommendations for food, drink and entertainment. An indie travel & discount guide for bar enthusiasts and foodies.”

So,  back to the free beer. There are three ways you can get your FREE beer:
“1) Flash your Drink Deck (playing cards or smart phone) and check-in on Facebook/Foursquare or tweet to @drinkdeckchi & @thebeerbistro and get free beer!

2) Don’t have a Drink Deck? Download our iPhone or Android app and as a bonus you’ll get a free copy of our Chicago playing cards, oh and free beer!!

3) No smart phone? Buy the deck for our anniversary rate of 50% off (just $15 cash or credit) and you’ll get over $520 in discounts, no expiration and free beer!”

Special thanks to Tenth and Blake

And to my good friends at Tenth and Blake, thank you so much for including me in your Brewer’s Unleashed event! Brewer’s Unleashed is a program that gives Brewers a chance to share their ideas and products with the beer community. Very excited about that!

As the weather takes on a cool change, come out and join us for some equally cool beer.