Cooler repair season has hit Chicago!

We are in the middle of a heat wave in Chicago. The cooler & freezer repair calls are flooding in.  Time and time again, I find that most equipment breakdowns this summer are due to lack of maintenance.

Lack of freezer maintenance and dirty condenser cause several problems, including:

  • High head pressure
  • excessive run times
  • condenser fan motor failure
  • compressor failure
  • restriction of capillary tubing
  • warm box temperature
  • increased electrical usage

Northeast Cooling recommends that commercial refrigeration maintenance be scheduled at least twice a year.

Having units cleaned & checked will save money in the long run. When equipment is not regularly cleaned it is bound to break down. This seems to happen after hours or on the weekends, which is when the repairs come at a premium. The result of not having a planned cleaning is usually a bad compressor or a restriction in refrigerant tubing caused by overheated oil. Both of these repairs can be costly and time consuming.

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