CrossFire™ LED lighting system – 85% Savings in Energy Costs

If you are in the commercial refrigeration industry and you have been wanting to chop off a big chunk of your energy cost expenses then the CrossFire™ LED lighting system is the best option for you.  Imagine saving about 85% of your energy cost by using the CrossFire™ LED lighting system – 85% that you could reinvest in other aspects of your refrigeration business.

Money is not the only thing you will save with the CrossFire™ LED lighting system because it will also lessen, if not remove, the heat that is being added to your cold environment. This feature of the CrossFire™ will help increase the life of your compressor as it reduces its run times because of the heat reduction that the CrossFire™ gives.

These positive points will make you save even more money because there will be lesser, if not no maintenance cost at all in your part,  and your initial investment in purchasing the CrossFire™ will be paid back in no time because of the huge savings it will give you in your energy costs. In less than two years, the money you have shelled out in your LED investment will have been paid off already.

The CrossFire™ LED lighting system is a new offering of SCHOTT Gemtron –  the leader in delivering outstanding refrigeration solutions.