Downtown Dash 9/10/11: Meet Team Blu Belles sponsored by Northeast Cooling

Downtown Dash 9/10/11 is almost upon us!

Saturday 9/10/11 will see Downtown Dash participants making their way through all many of obstacles and challenges to weed out the faint of heart from the weekend warriors using Social Media as their major tool.

Northeast Cooling is pleased to sponsor a second team. Meet Team Blu Belles:


Jhonita Williams is one half of our Team Blu Belles. Her Twitter handle is @jwill1. She’s a Digital Media Maven for airlines and CPG clients by day and a card carryin’, diaper bag slingin’ Super Mom by night.” She is a self proclaimed dancer with “beyond superior” skills. She may dance her way through Downtown Dash! She loves Chicago and the color purple, not to be confused with the book of the same name by Alice Walker. (She may love that, too, we’ll have to consult her.)








Jeanelle Sims is the yin to Jhonita’s yang, the salt to her pepper, or the other half of Team Blu Belles! You can find her on Twitter with the handle @chowbelle. She is an a Native of Hyde Park and an avid social media junkie. She’ll dance to anything with a good beat. She also enjoys experiencing a wide variety of global cuisine and watching all kinds of sports. Her favorite color is pink!









Be sure to LIKE their profile page on the Downtown Dash website.

We will be providing some fabulous prizes from The Beer Bistro.

Think you have what it takes to compete against Team Blu Belles? It’s not too late; you can still register for Downtown Dash! Click HERE!

Be sure to follow Team Blu Belles’s progress on 9.10.11 via Twitter from 11 am to 3pm during Downtown Dash.