Faceified and FeeFighters: 2 New Ways to Promote and Protect Your Business

Even in the Commercial Refrigeration business we’re always on the lookout for new and different ways to promote and enhance our business. The Internet and Social Media networks have provided several marketing innovations over the last few years. Just recently we excitedly shared our experiences with the freshly pressed Hashable and now we’ve discovered two new cool tools: Faceified and FeeFighters.

Faceified is a marketing tool that seems to be the equivalent of having all your LinkedIn recommendations available to potential clients and customers at the click of a button.  Facefied is a virtual arsenal of tools that allows service providers who advertise via social networks, blogs, websites, and online classifieds such as Craigslist to promote their brand and attract business through their OWN reputation. Faceififed affords service providers the ability to SHOWCASE their best sales pitch: the words of SATISFIED customers. Currently, all of Faceified’s benefits are free of charge.

Facefied works by simply creating a business profile and getting a Faceified Seal. The Seal displays your logo or photo. Northeast Cooling’s Seal is shown above. The Seal can be inserted into your blog, website, social media outlet, classifieds sites that support external image links, even in the signature setting of your email account. This provides a visual link to your business, and connects potential customers directly to your positive referrals. Faceified is also able to link to user content on Facebook, TWITTER, Linkedin, YouTube, and more. Facefied is marketing more toward Realtors, as it tracks listings, but can easily be utilized by any service provider. It also provides traffic statistics so that businesses can better assess their needs. We are lovin’ Facefied.

Another recent find for us is FeeFighters. New to the payment processing arena, this organization takes some of the confusion and HASSLE out of finding a credit card processor. FeeFighters takes a Travelocity approach to securing the best price and best fit for your business. The process is similar to Travelocity, in that you answer a few questions and provide your information, and in return you are given an ample supply of credit card processing provider options. These are presented in the form of an auction and are meant to provide transparent options, so that your business doesn’t get hit with hidden fees or early termination costs. The providers then bid for your business, giving you the option to select the fit that’s best for your business needs. Easy as that!

Have you come across any new and innovative strategies for your business that you’d like to share? Let us know!