Freeaire® Changing the face of Commercial Refrigeration for the Greener

“Freeaire® – Save Energy, Save Money. Save Maintenance. Save the Planet.”

We like everything about that slogan!

We’ve just discovered Freeaire® and it looks to be an innovative way to create an amazingly efficient Green Commercial Refrigeration system.

Freeaire®’s systems create energy efficient ways to provide retail and commercial refrigeration utilizing natural weather patterns.

Saving you money

The heart of the Freeaire® refrigeration system is its patented electronic Cooler Controller™. This computer is able to create maximum efficiency by operating each component of the conventional refrigeration system only as much as is necessary to produce the desired temperature. This unit can be used globally and in any climate. It’s the computer’s job to make sure all energy is being used efficiently and effectively. No component is allowed to run unnecessarily which saves money and the environment.

Protecting the Environment

Freeaire® is aiming to be part of the solution to our global climate change and excessive use of fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels are a major contributor to smog and other nasties that plague the air we breathe. Refrigeration and cooling account for a very significant percentage of commercial and retail energy consumption. For every kilo-watt hour saved, twice that can be saved in CO2  from being emitted into our environment. Freeaire®’s brainiac computer is able to run your commercial refrigeration equipment at its utmost efficiency and thereby save you money and save the excessive use of fossil fuels. Seems like a win-win.

Using Renewable Natural Resources

We are most intrigued by the Freeaire® Polar Power™ package. In climates that are seasonally tundra- like, it allows for the use of fresh, naturally produced cold outside air. Utilizing seasonably cold air is a renewable source of energy, much like the harnessing of wind and solar power. This is such a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to use our natural resources!

The Freeaire® system is “appropriate for coolers and freezers for food warehouses, food processors, grocery and convenience stores, restaurant chains and more, Freeaire® delivers green, sustainable refrigeration with maximum energy savings.”

Check out their website and see if they are right for you!