Google Latitude Competes for Location Based Incentives Niche


Google recently jumped into the pool with Foursquare to compete head-on in the location based apps arena. Google launched check-ins and rewards to their Google Maps app, Latitude.  Latitude is currently an app for iPhone and Android that tracks user location, asks them if they’d like to check in, and provides opportunities to earn discounts and special offers at businesses they patronize regularly. While there are no Mayors, there are Gurus and VIPs. Really, who doesn’t want to be a Guru or VIP of their favorite eatery or imbibing spot?

Google has even partnered with American Eagle, Macy’s, and Quizno’s to provide high profile incentives to their users.

Some may say that the tracking software is nothing more than glorified and justified stalking. Businesses are looking at this app from another angle.

Businesses stand to gain a regular customer base simply by offering incentives for multiple check-ins to their locations. What’s unique about Latitude, beyond the fact that it can geolocate you down to two meters, is that the app can also support non-location based businesses as a byproduct of its ability to geolocate. This is especially handy for the trades where employees may be transient during the work day.

Some benefits for businesses include:

  • Tracking employees. Not just for monitoring, but to provide the opportunity to delegate tasks based on location
  • Tracking equipment and property. Imagine if a vehicle was stolen with Latitude on. Instant tracking of lost property.
  • Dispatch method. The ability to dispatch workers based on their present location can save money on gas and save time allowing  a business to run more efficiently.
  • Location based advertising. This allows businesses to target advertising to their clientele’s geographic location even if mobile. Perfect for tradesmen and the ever growing mobile food industry.
  • Promotes Green Business Practices. No paper coupons. No printing costs. Allows for efficient travel times and thereby saving fuel.

Microsoft recently conducted a study of location based services. They polled 1500 people from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. Of those surveyed 51% have used Location Based Services (LBS); furthermore, the survey revealed that 94% of users found LBS useful and “practical” for daily use. This can mean big benefits for local businesses, large and small alike!

I Wonder Where the Service Technician is?

Ever wonder if your maintenance call will be handled on time? Would you like to know how far out the technician is from you location? Now you can get real time updates on our progress. See where we are in relation to getting to your service appointment. Simply check the Latitude map on any participating venue’s website and find your answers!

Northeast Cooling is pleased to announce that we will be using Latitude as an incentive for our local customers. Check our site frequently to see where we are located at any point in the day. If we are in your area, and available, you will receive $25 off your service call. This offer is good for existing AND new customers.

Let’s give Latitude a try!

We think it sounds like a win-win proposition.

Help us test drive Google Latitude and save $25!