GreenChill – The Environment’s Best Friend in the Refrigeration Industry

Everybody needs to have a support group in whatever advocacy they are trying to fight for. Thus a group of people who belong in the refrigeration industry banded together to do their share in protecting the environment. They called their group GreenChill.   Some of you may be wondering what GreenChill is all about and  now is the time to get to know the group a little bit more.

GreenChill is a group composed of the stake holders in the supermarket industry and other people who are promoting refrigeration practices that will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit and lessen the use of substances that will further deplete the ozone layer.

The group is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  They are spearheading the greening of the refrigeration industry by voluntarily promoting green refrigeration technologies. As they promote ways of protecting the environment from further decline, GreenChill also promotes practices that will help the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. These advocacies will not only protect the environment but help save money as well.

So if you want to do your share in protecting the environment, look out for the GreenChill logo in your the refrigeration equipment of your favorite supermarket. If your favorite store isn’t a part of GreenChill yet, then why don’t you encourage them to be a part of this advocacy and together let’s help create a greener environment.