Mitch Byrne Is A Refrigeration Repair Expert

Mitch Byrne is a refrigeration repair expert. He has worked within the HVAC & Refrigeration trades for over 25 years. He has concentrated on the diagnosis & repair of Commercial Refrigeration & Ice Machines in the Chicago area.

Mitch started his career as an unskilled laborer working in boiler demolition. He spent his days lugging bricks & large heavy boiler sections out of basements for minimal pay. After less than a year doing this back breaking & unrewarding work Mitch decided to enroll in HVAC & Refrigeration College to further his education & get a better job in the trades. He attended Coyne College in 1997 & graduated at the top of his class with full honors.

After attending trade school Mitch worked at a few residential heating & air conditioning companies in the North & West suburbs. While at the two companies he learned about installing heating & air conditioning systems including SpacePak. Mitch decided residential work was not for him & moved on to several  different Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC outfits.

Mitch learned very quickly & found his strength was in Commercial Refrigeration service & repair. Between 1998 & 2007 he worked at several HVAC & Refrigeration shops. While working at various shops he learned about HVAC, cooking equipment & refrigeration equipment.  He moved up at a rapid rate everywhere he worked due to his excellent diagnostic & repair skills as well as his communication skills related to dealing with customers. In 2007 Mitch hit the top of the pay scale available at that time. It was then that he decided to start his own business specializing in Commercial Refrigeration Service & Repair in Chicago land. Northeast Cooling LLC was founded in 2007 & has been going strong ever since then. Mitch Byrne Is A Refrigeration Repair Expert.

Mitch’s efforts have been noticed by others, especially his marketing skills & use of new media. Mitch had the foresight to grab the twitter handle @refrigeration! He has also been quoted or mentioned in several articles. Some of those articles are listed below.

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