Northeast Cooling’s Summer Savings!

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you know we strive to be well connected. We love the opportunity that Social Media offers when it comes to connecting with our customers. We also love being able to provide you, our biggest supporters, with great deals via all the fun, new, and innovative Social Networking sites.

Here’s a list of our latest Summer Deals!

1.  Pegmo.com — Follow us on Pegmo.com and complete all 3 Pegs to recieve awesome incentives. We are offering retail savings, cash,  and/or gas cards for participating!

2.  Facebook — Follow us on Facebook, give us a like, and find a special coupon on our landing page!

3.  Google Latitude — Ever wonder if we’re in your area at the very moment you need us? Well, Google Latitude can tell you. Follow us on Latitude and give us a holler, you could save if we are in your area! It’s easy just check our homepage to check our location! You could receive $25!


It pays to be CONNECTED!