Northeast Cooling’s Use Of B2B Social Media Was Featured By Gist!

Our efforts in social media have been recognized by the great folks at Gist! If you’re unfamiliar with Gist, it’s a powerful tool that provides the only full view of the contacts in your professional network by creating a rich business profile for each one that includes the most news, status updates, and work details.  We highly recommend you check them out.

I have been actively involved in Social Media and in the Chicago social media community for a few years now.

My business twitter account @refrigeration will be two years old on February 22, 20011. During that time I have seen the power that Social Media tools can have to connect people and to create opportunities that come from it.

On October 5th 2010, @NicoleYeary invited me to an event at @SushiSambaChi in Chicago where I had the pleasure of meeting some of the people behind Gist.  I had a great chat with @RobertAtGist and @GregAtGist.  That evening I told them about my use of social media and they explained how beneficial @gist could be.

I signed up for Gist the very next day and have found it very useful indeed.  Gist enables users to bring all their contacts from email, social networks etc. into one place. They have a great gadget for both gmail and google apps.  Gist lets users create a public profile where they can add all of their web sites and social networks.

Recently Gist posted a blog about my use of social media.

The blog was published February 8, 2011. I noticed it because of a reply on twitter while attending a Lake County Social Networking meeting.  Below is the tweet Gist sent out. I am excited and honored that the folks at Gist put this post together! Thanks Robert & Greg!

You can check out the full article HERE

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