Our Top Picks For Replacing UberTwitter

This past Friday saw the Twitter apps UberTwitter & Twidroyd suspended by Twitter for “violations [which] include, but aren’t limited to, a privacy issue with private Direct Messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement, and changing the content of users’ Tweets in order to make money.”  This was Twitter’s statement to the media on February 18th, the same day the apps were pulled.

The decision to suspend UberTwitter and Twitdroyd affected people in Chicago and across the world. UberTwitter remains an extremely popular app for Blackberry users. Twidroyd is a more recent app for Android Phones.

Among those immediately affected is  . .  . Northeast Cooling! We are dedicated Blackberry users and constantly rely on UberTwitter’s functionality. Since we are among those searching for new options, we created our Top 3 replacement choices for UberTwitter.

Northeast Cooling’s Top 3 recommendations to replace UberTwitter:

SocialScope is a great app! Sadly, it is in private beta and you must request an invite in order to use it. If you are lucky enough to be granted an invitation, this is the way to go!  This app lets you seamlessly post to multiple social media accounts. This includes Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can even post to Facebook Fan Pages. Many people are looking into obtaining invites for SocialScope now that UberTwitter is no longer available. We have heard rumors that SocialScope is capitalizing on UberTwitter’s misfortune and are giving out “instant invites” to anyone that requests one on their website.

HootSuite is another good option. This app allows posting from multiple accounts. It also allows scheduling of Tweets for a later time or date. It has the ability to post links while browsing on your phone. The downside of Hootsuite is that it doesn’t integrate photos within Tweets. Instead it generates an ow.ly link. This can be an issue for some. Overall, it is a dynamic and versatile app.

Seesmic is yet one other option for former UberTwitter junkies. It is a solid app and allows managing of multiple Twitter accounts. It can also be used to post on Ping.fm. Ping.fm is a service that provides the ability to simultaneously post to just about every social network known to man!

As with all apps, each boasts different features. You’ll have to decide which app is the best fit for your usage needs. It’s easy to download all of them (SocialScope by invitation only) and take them for a test drive. By downloading a variety of apps a user can do just about anything they want within the Social Media world.

UberTwitter will be sorely missed, as it was by far our favorite app! Be on the lookout; UberTwitter has been renamed UberSocial and is awaiting approval from Twitter! It may also be available as a desk top program that will also allow posting to Facebook in the future! We are excited to try out UberSocial!

Until then, good luck in your quest for a new Twitter app!