Pegmo: Your Social Media Loyalty Punchcard

We know what you’re thinking: “Oh boy, yet another Social Media tool that encourages me to check in and display my lunch fare.”

We think Chicago-based startup Pegmo is worth a second look and has more to offer than just letting your friends know where you are and what you’re eating.  Wes Donohoe (@weseddon), Jordan Ho (@sneakstar), and Sanjay Kapoor (@sanjman7) have created a Social Media platform that encourages customer loyalty and interaction with businesses through rewards. In a recent interview with Sean McGinnis of 312 Digital (@SeanMcGinnis), Donohoe likens Pegmo to the paper punchcards of days gone past. Pegmo is a virtual punchcard where consumers are rewarded for engaging with friends and businesses via the Social Media networks they already frequent.

Pegmo seamlessly ties together several of the Social Networks that you may already use on a daily basis: Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. The idea is that you find your friends and businesses, connect with them, then you earn Pegs in order to gain “rewards” much in the same way the paper loyalty card afforded you a free coffee after the purchase of 10. Many of us will go the distance to achieve the coveted “free” item. It’s a game and we all like to win!

We aren’t the only ones that think that Donohoe is on to something, ChicagoBusiness.com (Crain’s) and TechCocktail.com both had positive things to say about the Chicago startup.  Ellen Malloy of ChicagoBusiness.com says that “Social media takes loyalty programs to the next level.”  When you allow someone to publicly earn their prize, not only are they feeling a sense of pride and joy, but they are sharing their joy and that prize with all of their followers and thereby directing their followers virtual gaze toward businesses that offer incentives. The connectivity of Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool.

Northeast Cooling is proud to be on board with Pegmo! We are offering some sweet deals just for accumulating our Pegs. We currently have three Pegs that can earn your money, gas, or services!

Northeast Cooling’s Pegs on Pegmo.com:

  • Peg 1. Refer a Friend. You refer your friend. They have work done. Voila! You get 40 bucks! Sweeet!

  • Peg 2. See our truck tooling around town? Tweet the location and mention @refrigeration to move to Peg 3.

  • Peg 3. Review the Fridge.  Head over to our Facebook page and give us a “like” and and add a review of our services on our wall.

Once you earn all three Pegs we’ll give you $60 off services or a $30 gas card!

Join us in using Pegmo and start earning your rewards! You may have forgotten those little paper punchcards at home on the dresser, but we know you don’t go anywhere without your phone! Why not reap some benefits from your Social Media engagement?

To learn more about Pegmo from its creator, Wes Donohoe, check out the interview with Sean McGinnis of 312 Digital: