Prevent Restaurant Commercial Freezer Repairs With Clean Condenser Coils

Commercial freezer repair and ice machine maintenance is just one of many services Northeast Cooling LLC offers Chicago restaurants.  But the best opportunity for preventing these commercial freezer repairs happens by providing regular maintenance to your refrigeration equipment.

A commercial freezer that is properly maintained should operate in your restaurant for many years.  By far, restaurant managers and owners will prefer freezer maintenance far more than commercial freezer repair and replacement.  A little bit of regularly scheduled cleaning can help assure that your commercial freezer runs with efficiency, which ultimately saves both energy and money.

Keep Your Condenser Coils Clean

One of the best ways to maintain a well running commercial freezer in your restaurant is to keep the condenser coils clean.  These coils collect an amazing amount of gunk.  Airborne dirt, hair, and miscilanieous restaurant debris dirty condenser coils regularly.  Failing to consistently remove this debris from the coils with eventually leave a coating of grime and grease over the condenser.  This is bad news for your freezer’s efficiency and performance.  Your energy consumption goes up, your energy bills go up…like we said, bad news.

Here’s Why Dirty Condenser Coils Cause Freezer Repair

Clean condenser coils equals happy compressors.

The compressor on your freezer is the part that helps reject the equipments heat through the condenser coils.  If you put your hand near the equipment you can actually feel warm air coming out of the condenser.  A dirty condenser on your restaurant’s freezer makes this process much less efficient at getting rid of that heat.  Over time this hot compressor begins to overheat.  This increased heat causes the oil to breakdown and  motors do not run long without proper lubrication.  Your freezer’s compressor failure is the result.

So the heat builds up, and over time pressure builds.  Your freezer’s compressor has to work harder and makes more and more heat until you eventually get commercial freezer failure.

So keeping an eye on the dirt on your freezer’s condenser coils is important.  If you are unsure if the grime and dirt is built up too much, give us a call and contact us for a look.  We’re happy to help and in the long run a clean and well run compressor saves your commercial freezer from repairs and can keep it running for years to come.

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