Raley’s Supermarket Gets the GreenChill Gold Certification Again

gc_logoCongratulations are in order for Raley’s Supermarket as they have been awarded with a GreenChill gold-level award for being the latest supermarket who went green in their refrigeration technology.

The GreenChill Gold certification is given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to honor the members of the supermarket industry who are keen in promoting green technologies in their premises.  This is an important award for those supermarkets who look for green ways of doing business like reducing refrigerant charges and other ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases.

EPA is aware that everybody needs a boost of encouragement to help members of the supermarket industry continue doing the right thing in helping protect the environment. So far, Raley’s Supermarkets  have either received the gold or silver GreenChill certifications in their stores making them the leader in the supermarket industry in certified stores.

Congratulation Raley’s Supermarket for leading the way for a greener supermarket industry!