Refrigerator Tips – Things To Do To Save More Money

Refrigerators eat up about 25% of our electric bill. As it is the case, then it’s about time to do something about it especially so if your fridge is already old. We tend to think that shelling out a big amount of money to buy a new fridge will not be a money saving purchase in the future. If you are thinking along these lines, then unfortunately you are wrong. Instead of saving money, you are wasting it in the long run.

Old model refrigerators are not yet made to be energy efficient, they are electricity guzzlers and it is advisable that you buy a newer model as soon as you can. But if you don’t have enough money to buy one yet, then the experts from Northeast Cooling have these tips to share as you continue saving for a new one:

1. Fridge door must be shut at all times. If your fridge door can’t be closed tightly, then you are sure that you are wasting your money by paying more on the electricity it consumes. The motor will keep on working so that it can maintain the desired temperature inside.

2. Too high temperatures equals to higher electric bill. Ideally, your freezer should not be colder than -18 degrees Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit) and your fridge only about 3 degrees Celsius ( 38 degrees Fahrenheit) if its colder than these then you are just wasting money because you don’t need a much colder temperature than what is ideal.

3.  Maintain a clean condenser. Make sure that your fridge’s condenser are free from dust. Clean it regularly and have somebody check your fridge at least once a year.

According to the Northeast Cooling people, old refrigerators do not only cost you a lot of money electric bill-wise but they still contain CFC refrigerants which has a harmful effect on our environment. So the best way to save money in your refrigeration costs is to buy a new one or at least start saving for a new one now.