ReviewRail: A Tool To Get More Online Reviews

I’ve been searching for a solid tool that can help increase our online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook and the BBB. I tested a few but none seemed to hit the mark. I then came across ReviewRail. I went back and forth with the founder Steve and he set me up with an account. I went through the trial and uploaded a few customers.

Since using ReviewRail I’ve received 4 Google reviews, 2 BBB reviews and a Yelp review. Don’t believe it, I didn’t either! Below is a screenshot of some recent Google reviews:

Google review from ReviewRail

The system is very easy to use and all you really need to do is upload your customers once a week or a few times a month. Some of the other features are:

– A referral system for happy customers
– SEO friendly widget
– A buffer to get negative feedback
– Custom feedback page

After you upload a user the software will email your customers 3 followups. The copy in their emails are crafted to help increase open rates and also to get people to respond and take action (leave reviews). If they click on the link and leave feedback, the emails will stop.

If they are unhappy then you’ll get that response internally. And if they are happy with your service they will then be funneled to the review sites. There are 3 ways to get reviews.

Feedback: This helps to get more internal feedback for your business.
Reviews: This funnels customers directly to the review sites so they can leave online reviews.
Push a platform: This will funnel your customer to a specific review site. So if you want more Yelp reviews, turn this on and customers will be brought directly there.

You can turn all of the features on and they will rotate for each customer. That way you can test to see what works for your business. A major benefit is that it’s mostly automated. Besides adding customers to the system you really don’t have to do anything. They handle all of the emails and follow ups.

If you want to try it for yourself, sign up here for a trial. If you use code NECOOLING you’ll save 10% off their monthly plans.