TechWeek 11 comes to Chicago July 22!

Tech Week Chicago 2011 LogoTechWeek is quickly approaching and looks to be the biggest tech conference that Chicago has seen.

This Friday, July 22nd, begins TechWeek in Chicago at The Merchandise Mart. The conference and Expo will continue through the 25th, with other sponsored events extending on to the 29th of July.

TechWeek is a 4 day conference and Expo with over 150 speakers and more than 100 exhibitors. There are also 60 independent off-site events. Created by Geoff Domoracki, CEO of midVentures, and Jon Pasky, President of midVentures, TechWeek is showcasing Chicago as a new, emerging type of technology hub.  Here in Chicago such companies as Groupon, Orbitz, 37Signals, CareerBuilder, Motorola, GrubHub, Sears Holdings and hundreds of others flourish. midVentures has created an event to focus on the technology and business that is happening and growing right here in Chicago.

Check out thenextweb’s site to see what they list as the Top 5 reasons to attend Tech Week. There’s also a discount code! http://thenextweb.com/video/2011/07/12/5-reasons-you-should-attend-techweek-in-chicago/



We, at Northeast Cooling, are very excited for Tech Week, but realize that many wonder just what they will get from the conference and Expo. Here’s how techweek.com answers that question.

What do TechWeek Conference & Expo Pass holders get?

At the center of TechWeek is a 4-day conference and expo called the TechWeek Conference & Expo.

Your TechWeek Conference & Expo Pass gives you access to all of the following:

Late-Stage/Growth & Big Tech: Friday, July 22
We’ve invited executives from comScore, redbox, thinkorswim, RadiumOne, Elance and 30 other late-stage/growth and large technology companies to discuss growth strategy, financing, hiring and the newest innovations to emerge from their companies.

Design+Develop Workshops: Saturday & Sunday, July 23 & 24
TechWeek Conference & Expo Pass holders will be able to attend over 10 educational workshops spanning agile development, UI/UX, TDD, Ruby on Rails, and mobile app development — all for a fraction of the normal price of such sessions!

midVenturesLAUNCH & Early-Stage Startups: Monday, July 25
Following the success of midVenturesLAUNCH 2010, where over 1,500 attendees from 29 states and 6 countries heard keynotes from founders of Groupon, Reddit and ChaCha, TechWeek includes one of the largest startup conference in the country–midVenturesLAUNCH.

SPARK Chicago 3-Day Startup Accelerator: July 25-27
SPARK Chicago will help create, build and launch three startups with six days of intense incubation and donated services.

Partner Events from TiE Midwest, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd, Lean Startup Circle and more!


 Peruse the Conference Schedule, check out partner events, and Register HERE.


Hope to see you at Tech Week!

Tech Week Chicago - River View East from Near Merchandise Mart