The Top Chicago Restaurants on Twitter 2010

For those of us who live in Chicago, we are lucky to have such amazing restaurants and such a great community dedicated to keeping it a top food destination in the country. Although a commercial refrigeration company, Northeast Cooling is very active on Twitter, especially with our Chicago and Wisconsin industry friends. So earlier this week when Friends Eat, a foodie community website, released it’s list for The Top 100 Restsurants on Twitter for 2010 it got our attention. As we went through the list we were excited to see so many of our Twitter friends who made their list.

We wanted to show off how well Chicago was represented from the Friends Eat list so we decided to showcase them in this blog post. Chicago had about 27 restaurants out of the top 100. Only LA had such well representation and we did great in the Top 10.

Let us know how much you agree disagree. Leave a comment of who you’d like to see added and who you think got left out.

According to the authors, the list was complied of yes, Twitter follower count…but primarily the list was based on engagement with their community. So here it is…


The Top Chicago Restaurants on Twitter 2010



Blue 13

827 followers. 532 tweets.

Blue 13 Restaurant serves American food in a casual and urban atmosphere. They pair classic American food with a more modern French and Italian flair while providing excellent service. You will surely have a great dining experience once you go to Blue 13.




1159 followers. 473 tweets.

Province is an American restaurant located in Chicago’s West Loop. It achieved Gold Level LEED citification. The sumptuous cuisine is inspired by Central and South America and Spain. It is owned by Randy Zweiban, also the Executive Chef.



Berghoff Restaurant

1658 followers. 440 tweets.

Berghoff Restaurant is a family owned restaurant that provides great tasting food and an excellent place to relax and unwind. It provides a great casual dining experience. It offers an expanded menu that includes many contemporary dishes ideal for lunch and dinner. It’s also a wonderful place for parties and other social events.



Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

2240 followers. 410 tweets.

Café Ba Ba Reeba is a premier Spanish tapas restaurant located in Chicago owned by Chef Gabino Sotelino. The menu includes delectable Spanish dish such as paella. It is well known for Tapas, the hot & cold appetizers of Spain and Sangria, it is Spain’s famous wine “fiesta” drink made from fruit, wine and liquors.



Manny’s Deli

1407 followers. 443 tweets.

Manny’s Deli is deemed to be the best deli in Chicago. They have been serving great tasting foods since 1942. Their menu includes Jewish comfort food such as sumptuous corned beef sandwiches, yummy kugel and their heart warming chicken soup.



DMK Burger Bar

1403 followers. 586 tweets.

DMK Burger Bar has the best Grass-fed beef burgers, American craft beer & hand-cut fries. They also have mouth-watering malted milkshakes, mac & cheese, fried pickles, deviled eggs, ice cream sandwiches.



Big Jones

620 followers. 632 tweets.

Big Jones restaurant features Coastal Southern cooking with a focus on the locally-grown, sustainably-farmed food and Progressive American kitchen techniques spearheaded by the co-owner of the restaurant as well as the chef- Paul Fehribach. It is located in Chicago.




1930 followers. 700 tweets.

ZED451 will bring you to the next level when it comes to fine dining experience. It is located in the heart of Chicago’s bustling downtown River North. It is a revolutionary restaurant concept that features original cuisine. For the ultimate ZED experience, it would be worth to try the restaurant’s grilled cheeses, ribs, breads, seafood and charcuterie.



Duchamp Chicago

1611 followers. 600 tweets.

Duchamp Chicago is an American restaurant that serves great foods and drinks. The restaurant derives its character from the 20th century’s most provocative artistic spirit Marcel Duchamp. It has a good ambiance; it has a vibrant bar scene and also a wonderful place to hang out with friends.



Nacional 27

1447 followers. 778 tweets.

Nacional 27 is a modern Latin restaurant where you could enjoy delicious Latin cuisine in Chicago. Their dishes are a bold combination of flavors of 27 countries. It’s the perfect American-Latin experience that you could ever imagine.



N9NE Steakhouse

1002 followers. 977 tweets.

N9NE Steakhouse is one of the hottest places to eat steaks and seafood in Chicago. The ambiance is good and the service is great as well. This is definitely an awesome place to dine.



Piccolo Sogno

1294 followers. 1076 tweets.

Piccolo Sogno means “little dream”, it is an Italian Restaurant owned by Tony Priolo and Ciro Longobardo. It opened its doors to Chicago in July 2008. The menu includes fresh, seasonal rustic Italian cuisine with an impressive all-Italian wine program.



Bob Chinns CrabHouse

3203 followers. 989 tweets.

Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse is America’s busiest seafood and steak restaurant. It is deemed to be one of the highest-volume restaurant not only in IL but also all across the States. It offers a full selection of seafood, steaks, ribs and pork chops. Their top seller is the Alaskan king crab legs.


#61 (kinda, multiple locations)

RA Sushi

4962 followers. 577 tweets.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant is the perfect place to go to satisfy your cravings for Sushi. There’s never a dull moment at this place, it has an upbeat atmosphere with great music that could help you unwind and relax. It has 25 locations all over the United States and they are award winning.



POP Champagne Bar

1514 followers. 2675 tweets.

POP Champagne and Dessert is a great place to go in Pasadena. It’s a sexy place for first dates, social gatherings, or any night out activity on the town. They have a wide selection of Champagnes, sparkling wines, dessert wines and artisanal beers. They also have a seasonal menu of gourmet cheeses, charcuterie and house made desserts that you will surely enjoy.



Intelligentsia Coffee

8068 followers. 475 tweets.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea or better known as Intelligentsia is a coffee roasting company and retailer. It is headquartered at Fulton Street, Chicago, IL with other locations throughout the Chicago area as well as in Los Angeles, CA. It was founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange in 1995.



Rockit Bar and Grill

3611 followers. 2556 tweets.

Rockit Bar and Grill is a traditional bar and grill that offers casual American cuisine using only the freshest ingredients. Executive Chef James Gottwald is responsible for the restaurant’s mouthwatering menu which includes salads, sandwiches, and entrees. It is the premier and downtown bar and grill located in the heart of the booming River North Neighborhood. It is also famous for its Rockit Burger.



Mercadito (location in Chicago)

1517 followers. 2364 tweets.

Mercadito is the Spanish term for “little market” serves fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine by nationally renowned Chef Patricio Sandoval. It is inspired by blending traditional Mexico with creative interpretations of local and seasonal ingredients. It has locations in New York, Chicago and Miami.



Lou Malnati’s Pizza

3889 followers. 3053 tweets.

Lou Malnati’s Pizza is the home of the BEST Chicago-style deep dish pizza in the world! It’s a great tasting pizza that everybody loves. It’s considered as Chicago’s tradition since 1971.



Steves Deli

3057 followers. 3296 tweets.

Steve’s Deli offers quality food and good service. It’s a Kosher-style River North Deli w/Michigan Roots. Steve serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; they also provide catering for home and business events.



Hot Doug’s

6981 followers. 1386 tweets.

Hout Dougs specializes in hot dogs and other encased meat that is based Chicago, IL. It is well known to be the “”Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium””. It features a diverse and rotating menu that includes the traditional Chicago Hotdog.



Superdawg Chicago

3684 followers. 3505 tweets.

Superdawg Chicago was established in May of 1948. It is family owned and operated. It has been in business for over 60 years already. They have always adhered to one goal: “”always to serve you in a manner that will make you want to return – and bring your friends, and new generations, with you””.




2080 followers. 4092 tweets.

SUSHISAMBA is great place to go when you are in for a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. The place has a cozy atmosphere and vibrant music to keep you entertained while you unwind and relax.



Eli’s Cheesecake

7136 followers. 4946 tweets.

Eli’s Cheesecake offers sumptuous gourmet Cheesecake and Specialty Dessert Bakery. They pride themselves with the great tasting cheesecake that everybody loves. They have great cheesecake and excellent service.



Wildfire Restaurant

4297 followers. 8725 tweets.

Wildfire Restaurant opened its doors in 1995. It offers a mouthwatering selection of steaks, chops, and seafood in a modern-day 1940s dinner club. It’s also the perfect place for parties, birthdays, and anniversary or bridal showers.



BleedingHeart Bakery

4652 followers. 12754 tweets.

Bleeding Heart Bakery opened in 2004 in Chicago Ave. It was in 2006 that it moved to Roscoe Village which is its current home. It uses local, organic and sustainable ingredients to provide amazing and delicious pastry. In 2009 it opened another location in the Oak Park neighborhood of Chicago. The bakery won many awards including one of the top 10 bakeries in the nation, top bakery in Chicago by Chicago magazine, multiple green business awards and top bakery by the Small Business Association.



Frontera Grill

93664 followers. 5819 tweets.

Fontera Grill is an outstanding restaurant owned by Rick Bayless, he is also the chef of the restaurant. It’s a combination of American and Mexican grill. It only uses fresh ingredients, often organic and custom-grown. This is to give you the bold flavors and immediate freshness of its dishes.


So here was the Chicago list. How much do you agree or disagree with it? Who was left off that should have been included? Leave us a comment with your additions.

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