Think Your Commercial Ice Machine Is Clean? Think Again!

They look innocuous enough.  Just sitting there waiting to quench our thirst and cool our beverages any time we need them.

We grab the provided cup, put it under the ice dispenser, then fill up with our desired beverage. Simple. Easy. No worries. Right? We all take soda machines, and commercial ice machines in general, for granted. Maybe we should think twice.

We use them every day as business owners and consumers.  They are reliable and a staple of the hospitality industry, yet it’s easy to forget that the quiet workhorse of the industry needs just as much TLC as its fancy espresso-making counterparts. Commercial ice machines, whether the kind found attached to fountain drink dispensers, or stand-alone units, are prone to scale build-up, as well as mold growth, on the water lines. These undesirables can come in contact with the lines and DIRECTLY with the ice that goes into your beverages! This can create taste issues, health concerns, and equipment failure!

The idea that we can come in contact with mold or lime scale overgrowth as we enjoy our icy cold beverage is reason enough to take care to clean these machines, but beyond cleanliness there is the issue of proper maintenance. Many machines, even leading brands, such as Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Hoshizaki are as sensitive to lime scale build-up as the lesser known brands.  ALL commercial ice machines need regular professional cleaning to maintain the integrity of the unit. If commercial ice machines aren’t cleaned properly their parts may fail to operate, and eventually become irreparable.  When lines become overgrown with lime scale or mold they may cause other parts, such as sensors, water pumps, and water distributors to fail, rendering your equipment useless. This can cause huge problems, especially in summer months!

Don’t think it’s enough to pour some stinky chemicals into your machine and walk away. This isn’t proper cleaning and benefits no one, least of all your machine. You need to have the machine professionally disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. There is intense soaking and scrubbing involved that is best left to professionals. You can maintain your unit on your own between service calls by investing in replacing water filters every six months, using antimicrobials, and sanitizing your machine regularly.

As summer approaches consider having your commercial ice machines checked and properly serviced. We, at Northeast Cooling are happy to help accommodate your needs! Give us a call! We certainly don’t want to see you lacking ice when the summer heat and vacation crowds descend upon us!

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