Why it is crucial to keep line coolers properly maintained.

Most commercial line coolers are located inside  hot kitchens.

Manufacturers design their coolers and freezers to operate in an 80 degree ambient condition, 90 degrees maximum. We all know most kitchen lines are much warmer than that. This is why it is so important to keep all line refrigeration properly maintained.

Caring for your cooling system will save on electrical consumption and extend the life of the equipment!

The most common refrigerant in use on line coolers is R134A gas. These coolers usually have a metering device called a capillary tube that the refrigerant flows through before going into the evaporator coil. This cap tube has an extremely small hole that the refrigerant flows through. When these systems get overheated due to lack of maintenance and high ambient conditions the oil in the system overheats. The overheated oil gets tacky  and plugs up the capillary tube. The cooler will then stop working due to the restriction.

Replacing the capillary tube is a time consuming costly repair. When this system restriction happens the compressor may go bad as well. That is one of the many reasons it is extremely important to keep commercial refrigeration properly maintained.