Northeast Cooling offers Emerson’s Energy Saving Refrigeration Units

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Emerson Technologies
Emerson Technologies

Northeast Cooling is pleased to announce that it will be offering some amazing new energy saving products by Emerson Climate Technologies. We will be offering both the K5 compressor and the XJ condenser and are ready to assist businesses upgrade to these Green units. Both products were showcased at the AHR Expo last month in Chicago.  These new Emerson products show great promise in the effort to Go GREEN for businesses with walk-in coolers, freezers, and other commercial refrigeration needs.

Emerson K5 Compressor
Emerson K5

Copeland Scroll® K5 Refrigeration Compressor

Emerson recently debuted its new commercial refrigeration systems that have the potential to help businesses reduce their refrigeration expenses by up to 10 percent. The unit is powered by the Copeland Scroll® K5 refrigeration compressor. The compressor is designed for those with large volume refrigeration needs in commercial situations. It is equipped with CoreSense ™ technology that allows a contractor to diagnose issues on-site and remotely. This technology reduces downtime and even unnecessary service calls saving you time and money!

Emerson XJ Outdoor Condenser
Emerson XJ Outdoor Condenser

Copeland Scroll ® Outdoor Condensing Unit, XJ Series

The Copeland Scroll ® Outdoor Condensing Unit, XJ Series, offers the highest energy efficiency available to those needing commercial refrigeration. The XJ Series features the latest  Copeland Scroll® compressor technology with a “variable speed fan motor control, large condenser coils, and a high efficiency fan blade design to deliver up to 40% higher annual energy efficiency when compared to standard industry offerings.” The XJ Series can lower utility bills and can pay for itself in less than a year. As an outdoor unit is also quieter and more attractive than current standard units, making for happy customers and neighbors. This unit also has CoreSense ™ Diagnostics that enable service technicians to locate and troubleshoot issues, again savings for you: the business owner.


Click here to try Emerson’s handy calculator to see how they can help save energy and dollars!


Give us a call today and let us find the best suited product to help you Go Green and save money.