Enjoy Thanksgiving Knowing Northeast Cooling Will Be Available

With Thanksgiving looming only a day away, and copious amounts of turkey, stuffing, poatotes, countless desserts, and a nice cool beer or two awaiting us, some may be wondering what holiday fun will be on the agenda in and around Chicago to keep the family busy.  Once your tryptophan induced coma has subsided, you can be sure that Chicago is ready and waiting to share a cornucopia (note the Thanksgiving vernacular) of events and activities.

While you and yours may be happily celebrating over mountains of food and ice-cold beverages, your commercial refrigeration equipment may have other plans. While we will be enjoying Thanksgiving as much as possible, we want you to know that we will be on hand to service emergency refrigeration repairs throughout the holiday weekend.

Knowing your refrigeration needs can be serviced during the holidays by Northeast Cooling, why not venture forth and check out one of the many fun-filled activities that await you in Chicago?


Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving Day Parade from 8am-11am. Anyone from season parade-goer to the newest of newbs knows you must stake out your spot EARLY. So don’t be late claim your spot on State!

You can also visit the Brookfield Zoo and help zoo keepers feed the animals their Thanksgiving fare. The zoo is free on Tuesdays and Thursdays through February, including Thanksgiving Day.

Friday Novemeber 25th why not head over to The Bean at 6pm for some caroling and cocoa?  Caroling at Cloud Gate has become tradition in Chicago. There will be complimentary warm beverages will be provided by Caribou Coffee. After the 50-minute song fest, everyone is encouraged to skate at Millennium Park’s McCormick Tribune Ice Rink. If you don’t want to skate, you much watch from above. Truly a spectacular winter sight.

Be sure to check out Santa’s House in Daley Plaza beginning Thanksgiving Day and continuting weekends through December 24th.  Santa will be available to hear your Christmas desires and pose for photos.

In addition to ice skating at Millennium Park, there are a variety of neighborhood ice rinks. Check the listings and see if you have one nearby!

Don’t forget Christkindlmarket! Not just a German tradition, but a Chicago tradition. Situated in Daley Plaza the traditional German Market houses a variety of vendors from around the world. Savor traditional dishes, peruse the many gift shops, partake in a cold beer or a mug warm Glühwein or just watch the market bustle with life.

Happy Thanksgiving Chicagoland! 

Cool Chicago Beer Events for November

Ice. Cold. Beer. Brings a smile to my face.

One of the most important jobs we do here at Northeast Cooling is keeping the beer in Chicago nice and cold. Whether its commercial bottle coolers, keg coolers, or warehouse beer storage coolers we’ve got ya covered!

Refrigeration is essential to beer and beer can be essential to a happy work week!  Even Benjamin Franklin is said to have been an avid beer drinker. The proclamation “God, created beer because He wants us to be happy,” is attributed to him! This may be a misquote, but a positive sentiment nonetheless.

Speaking of beer making us happy, there are two upcoming beer events in Chicago that are worth checking out.

Ninth Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer 

This Saturday, November 12th check out the Ninth Annual Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer at: Chicago Journeyman Plumbers’ Local Union 130 Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium1340 W. Washington Blvd.  in Chicago.  Admission includes souvenir tasting glass, program, and 16 sample tickets.

This event is unique in that all the beer is handcrafted and aged in  barrels that are new, or previously contained wine, whiskey, or bourbon. The latter take on new and exciting flavors. Come on out and enjoy some very creative brews!

Drink Deck’s 2nd Year Anniversary FREE BEER Party

On Wednesday, the 16th of November stop by The Beer Bistro as Drink Deck celebrates its second anniversary by throwing a “free beer today” party!


FREE BEER! How? You ask?   


Drink Deck is a handy deck of cards or slick phone app that combines “savings, urban exploration and great recommendations for food, drink and entertainment. An indie travel & discount guide for bar enthusiasts and foodies.”

So,  back to the free beer. There are three ways you can get your FREE beer:
“1) Flash your Drink Deck (playing cards or smart phone) and check-in on Facebook/Foursquare or tweet to @drinkdeckchi & @thebeerbistro and get free beer!

2) Don’t have a Drink Deck? Download our iPhone or Android app and as a bonus you’ll get a free copy of our Chicago playing cards, oh and free beer!!

3) No smart phone? Buy the deck for our anniversary rate of 50% off (just $15 cash or credit) and you’ll get over $520 in discounts, no expiration and free beer!”

Special thanks to Tenth and Blake

And to my good friends at Tenth and Blake, thank you so much for including me in your Brewer’s Unleashed event! Brewer’s Unleashed is a program that gives Brewers a chance to share their ideas and products with the beer community. Very excited about that!

As the weather takes on a cool change, come out and join us for some equally cool beer.

Storms Wreak Havoc Northeast Cooling Saves the Day!

Severe storms and extreme temperatures have wreaked havoc among homeowners and businesses alike across the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas in the past two weeks. Northeast Cooling knows firsthand how nerve-wracking and frustrating outages and overworked equipment can be for those that depend upon them for their livelihood.

Last Saturday around 10 PM, we received a call from a meat warehouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The entire refrigerated warehouse was down due to a compressor that would not stay on. The temperature was rising fast and so were tensions. The owners had roughly $50,000 worth of  meat that they stood to lose within hours if something didn’t happen FAST!

Mitch headed up to Kenosha from Mundelein, Illinois and arrived around 11:30 PM. Once inside, he found the compressor overheated and off on High Pressure Safety cutout. This meant that neither condenser fans were running at all. With some thorough checking of the electrical system, he found one of the two in-line fuses for the condenser motor unit needed to be replaced.  Once the fuse was replaced he then discovered that the motor circuit was over amping. By using an amp meter, Mitch was able to find which motor was over amping and resolved that it was the reason the fuse had blown initially.

After removing the faulty motor and pressure cleaning the condenser coil, he was able to get the entire unit back online and keep it running with just one condenser motor powering the entire system.  He stayed and monitored the refrigerant pressure and found it will below the high pressure safely cut out setting. Soon after the warehouse started cooling down quite quickly and the meat was saved.

The unit was able to sustain itself until he could return on Monday and install a new 1 horse power condenser fan motor.

Northeast Cooling is happy to provide after-hours services for your EMERGENCY needs.

Check our website for further information.

Summer Sizzle Elicits One Word: Maintenance!


After this past week’s heat brief, but brutal, heat wave we just cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment. While we love the business, we hate to see you in a bind!

Even one of our friends learned the hard way at home in Lake County. “Who needs to check the air conditioning?”  Our friend has since changed her tune when the a/c unit refused to turn on as the temperature inside the house was soaring to 89 degrees!  The guilty will remain nameless to shelter her from further shame at the lack of preventative maintenance.

She survived, but you don’t want the same thing to happen to your commerical refrigeration equipment!

You NEED your ice machine!

You NEED cooling for your food and beverage service.

Be sure to check out our previous maintenance checklist post!


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We’re here to service your needs in and around Lake County and Cook County! Check out our website and give us a call!

Einstein Takes Refrigeration Green

Would you believe that in 1930 Albert Einstein invented, and patented, a refrigeration system that uses ammonia, butane, and water instead of environmentally damaging Freon gases? This invention uses no electricity, has no moving parts, and could reduce greenhouse gases if replicated today!


It seems many people are not even aware that Einstein, along with his colleague, Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, developed this practical refrigerator in 1930. The invention was in direct response to a 1926 incident involving a family in Berlin that had been killed by poisonous gases leaking from a refrigerator. Einstein and Szilard were then inspired to invent a safer alternative to current refrigeration systems.  Their ultimate goal was to invent a refrigerator that required no electricity and no moving parts. They believed this would alleviate the chance of seals leaking and gas escaping, thereby providing a safer in home refrigeration unit.

In 1930, they were successful in designing, and building, a refrigerator that had ­­­no moving parts and used only pressurized gases to create low temperatures. The premise of this design was used in the first domestic refrigerators; however the concept was abandoned when more efficient and affordable Freon compressors became popular in the 1950s.

Current refrigeration systems are notoriously damaging to the environment. They work by compressing and expanding man-made greenhouse gases called Freon. Freon is a huge contributor to The Greenhouse Effect and the depletion of the ozone layer. This process is far more damaging than carbon dioxide (also a useful, and less damaging alternative, for refrigeration). Einstein and Szilard’s refrigerator completely eliminates the need for Freon. Their design uses ammonia, butane, and water to take advantage of the fact that liquids boil at lower temperatures when the air pressure around them is lower. Inside the unit there is a container of butane, if you introduce a gas above the butane, the liquid will boil at a lower temperature, as it boils, it uses energy from its surroundings. As the butane burns, the ammonia evaporates and is absorbed by the water. The condenser pressure liquefies the butane, and as it passes back into the evaporator to start the process again, the ammonia provides the cooling for the unit. This interaction is what creates and maintains the lower temperatures.

Pressurized gas refrigerators based around Einstein’s design were replaced by the Freon compressor refrigerators that we use today, primarily because Einstein and Szilard’s design was not very efficient on a large scale. Many scientists and environmentalists believe that with a few tweaks Einstein and Szilard’s refrigerator could become markedly more efficient, and may make a comeback to help protect the environment. Since the only energy needed is the heat pump, some scientists are even looking into powering the pump with solar energy.

Einstein and Szilard’s 81 year old invention may very well be just what the planet is in need of in terms of refrigeration. No greenhouse gasses. No moving parts. No electricity required. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer.