5 Steps To Conserve Energy & Extend Life Of Refrigeration Equipment In Chicago

The following is a short, but extremely important, list of things end-users can do on their own to reduce power usage and extend the life of their commercial refrigeration units including coolers, freezers, and ice machines.


This list is easy to check, and  critical in maintaining proper product temperature. If, after reading this, you should have any questions please feel free to contact us!


This includes condensers on coolers, freezers, and ice machines! The condenser coil is the heat exchanger on refrigeration units. It’s the coil located on the outside of unit and expels the heat from refrigerant by passing it through a coil with the aid of a fan. It is ESSENTIAL TO KEEP THIS COIL CLEAN for proper operation of the unit. Failure to do so will result in expensive repairs including, but not limited to, compressor failure, fan motor failure, capillary tubing restrictions, burnt wiring and thermostat failure.

We recommend that the condenser coil be pressure cleaned by a service company at least every six months. In between professional maintenance users can clean the coil with a brush. The brush method does not clean within the coil though, and should not be considered a substitute for regular maintenance. On a kitchen line these coils may need to be degreased and cleaned more frequently. Self contained coolers and freezers usually have the condenser coil located at the base or on top of the unit. It can usually be accessed by removing 4 Phillips type screws at the corners of a cover. Ice machines generally have condenser coil located at rear of machine. It may have an air filter covering it, that should be washed. Routine inspection should be done frequently. A clean condenser coil is one way to GO GREEN by saving on power consumption and greatly prolonging the life of  the equipment. The following picture is a condenser coil long overdue for cleaning. We see this on a daily basis.

Refrigeration Condenser Coil


In order to maintain proper air flow around the condenser coil it is important to keep minimum clearances around units. Most factories recommend 2 to 4 inches of clearance around sides & back of self contained units. Our recommendation is the more clearance the better!  We would like to see 5 to 8 inches of clearance around sides and the  back of unit. We understand that space is limited in commercial kitchens. We also know that the more air that can freely move through the condenser section of a unit, the less power will be consumed and the longer vital components will last. Jamming coolers against one another and directly against a wall is a sure way to expend the most amount of energy and guarantee many problems. We do not recommend boxing coolers in under bars or any enclosure. Not only will this create airflow issues, but units that are built-in are extremely difficult and time-consuming to service.


Your refrigeration has worked hard to achieve proper product temperature, why let the cold seep out? Routinely inspect the door gaskets (seals) on all coolers and freezers.  Make sure all four sides of gaskets are making good solid contact with door frame. Check for tears, rips, or missing magnetic strips in gaskets. If gaskets are found to be worn out and not sealing well they should be replaced. The key to maintaining temperature and reducing run times, as well as power consumption is a good door seal. This is especially true in a hot kitchen!


To ensure that doors on refrigeration units close properly most hinges have spring cartridges that assist in closing the doors. On larger coolers and freezers, especially walk-in equipment there may be a hydraulic door closer located at the top of the door on exterior section. Most cooks, and kitchen employees, are much too busy rushing orders out to be worried about ensuring doors are properly closed. This is why automatic door closers are so vital. If automatic door closers are not working properly then there is a good chance the doors are ajar. Doors that are not closed all the way will lead to excessive run time, inefficient use  of energy, and shorten the life of the equipment. It will also cause the evaporator coils to ice up. Check your door closure operation by opening the door all the way and then gently pushing it closed. If closer is working correctly it should do the rest of the work and pull door closed. If door does not close on its own we recommend new hinges or closer hardware.


We recommend using a product sensing thermometer versus an air sensing thermometer in refrigeration units due to rapidly changing ambient conditions. Using an air sensing thermometer only tells you how cold the air is in a refrigeration unit at the moment you open it. There are times when it does not give an accurate picture of a product’s actual temperature. For actual average product temperature use  Sure Temp Glycol filled thermometer. This thermometer is encased in liquid and will provide an accurate average temperature reading of the product in a conditioned space. After leaving the Sure Temp thermometer in a conditioned space for a few hours take a look and see what the temperature reading is. On a cooler 34- 40 F degrees is good. If it’s colder you can raise the thermostat to a warmer setting and thereby save energy. A freezer storing ice cream should be around  -10 F. After establishing average temperature with Sure Temp thermometer adjustments to the thermostat can be made.

We hope this information has been useful and IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS about energy conservation, maintenance, or the Sure Temp thermometer in the Chicago area GIVE US A CALL AT: 847-409-3332.


Northeast Cooling offers Emerson’s Energy Saving Refrigeration Units

Emerson Technologies
Emerson Technologies

Northeast Cooling is pleased to announce that it will be offering some amazing new energy saving products by Emerson Climate Technologies. We will be offering both the K5 compressor and the XJ condenser and are ready to assist businesses upgrade to these Green units. Both products were showcased at the AHR Expo last month in Chicago.  These new Emerson products show great promise in the effort to Go GREEN for businesses with walk-in coolers, freezers, and other commercial refrigeration needs.

Emerson K5 Compressor
Emerson K5

Copeland Scroll® K5 Refrigeration Compressor

Emerson recently debuted its new commercial refrigeration systems that have the potential to help businesses reduce their refrigeration expenses by up to 10 percent. The unit is powered by the Copeland Scroll® K5 refrigeration compressor. The compressor is designed for those with large volume refrigeration needs in commercial situations. It is equipped with CoreSense ™ technology that allows a contractor to diagnose issues on-site and remotely. This technology reduces downtime and even unnecessary service calls saving you time and money!

Emerson XJ Outdoor Condenser
Emerson XJ Outdoor Condenser

Copeland Scroll ® Outdoor Condensing Unit, XJ Series

The Copeland Scroll ® Outdoor Condensing Unit, XJ Series, offers the highest energy efficiency available to those needing commercial refrigeration. The XJ Series features the latest  Copeland Scroll® compressor technology with a “variable speed fan motor control, large condenser coils, and a high efficiency fan blade design to deliver up to 40% higher annual energy efficiency when compared to standard industry offerings.” The XJ Series can lower utility bills and can pay for itself in less than a year. As an outdoor unit is also quieter and more attractive than current standard units, making for happy customers and neighbors. This unit also has CoreSense ™ Diagnostics that enable service technicians to locate and troubleshoot issues, again savings for you: the business owner.


Click here to try Emerson’s handy calculator to see how they can help save energy and dollars!


Give us a call today and let us find the best suited product to help you Go Green and save money.

Chicago boasts NRA Show and Chicago Craft Beer Week!


The days ahead hold a plethora of Hospitality Industry excitement right here in Sweet Home Chicago! Starting on the 21st and continuing through the weekend to the 24th of  May is the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. This year’s show is being held at McCormick Place and is bound to interest everyone in the Hospitality Industry regardless of their niche.

The NRA Show has something for everyone, from culinary trends to cutting edge kitchen equipment to a Beer and Wine Event. So much to see and do. The education sessions are prolific and cover a wide variety of topics. You can learn more about the business aspect and profitability of your industry or you can gain advice on the latest technology. We’re most excited about the Sustainability/Social Responsibility sessions. We are always investigating new and innovative ways to go GREEN!

We are looking forward to checking out manufacturers such as True, Beverage Air,  and Tor Rey to discuss the latest GREEN trends in their companies, and learn how those trends can benefit our business and interaction with our customers.

Today kicks off Chicago Craft Beer Week. There are a huge array of local breweries, pubs, and restaurants participating in this amazing event that spans nine days. Be sure to check out all the events and venues that are participating on their web site. You can purchase your PASSPORT online for $10 or at all participating bars and restaurants, the Chicago History Museum, the UPS Store: North Center, and at each of the featured events. This is a must see city-wide event for the true craft beer connoisseur and the neophyte alike.

C’mon out and sample Chicago’s best local brews!

We cannot wait to take part in these very special events right here in Chicago!

Come out and join us for a drink on May 22nd as The Beer Bistro and Northeast Cooling host our Welcome to Summer Industry Night and Beer Bash.


Google Latitude Competes for Location Based Incentives Niche


Google recently jumped into the pool with Foursquare to compete head-on in the location based apps arena. Google launched check-ins and rewards to their Google Maps app, Latitude.  Latitude is currently an app for iPhone and Android that tracks user location, asks them if they’d like to check in, and provides opportunities to earn discounts and special offers at businesses they patronize regularly. While there are no Mayors, there are Gurus and VIPs. Really, who doesn’t want to be a Guru or VIP of their favorite eatery or imbibing spot?

Google has even partnered with American Eagle, Macy’s, and Quizno’s to provide high profile incentives to their users.

Some may say that the tracking software is nothing more than glorified and justified stalking. Businesses are looking at this app from another angle.

Businesses stand to gain a regular customer base simply by offering incentives for multiple check-ins to their locations. What’s unique about Latitude, beyond the fact that it can geolocate you down to two meters, is that the app can also support non-location based businesses as a byproduct of its ability to geolocate. This is especially handy for the trades where employees may be transient during the work day.

Some benefits for businesses include:

  • Tracking employees. Not just for monitoring, but to provide the opportunity to delegate tasks based on location
  • Tracking equipment and property. Imagine if a vehicle was stolen with Latitude on. Instant tracking of lost property.
  • Dispatch method. The ability to dispatch workers based on their present location can save money on gas and save time allowing  a business to run more efficiently.
  • Location based advertising. This allows businesses to target advertising to their clientele’s geographic location even if mobile. Perfect for tradesmen and the ever growing mobile food industry.
  • Promotes Green Business Practices. No paper coupons. No printing costs. Allows for efficient travel times and thereby saving fuel.

Microsoft recently conducted a study of location based services. They polled 1500 people from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. Of those surveyed 51% have used Location Based Services (LBS); furthermore, the survey revealed that 94% of users found LBS useful and “practical” for daily use. This can mean big benefits for local businesses, large and small alike!

I Wonder Where the Service Technician is?

Ever wonder if your maintenance call will be handled on time? Would you like to know how far out the technician is from you location? Now you can get real time updates on our progress. See where we are in relation to getting to your service appointment. Simply check the Latitude map on any participating venue’s website and find your answers!

Northeast Cooling is pleased to announce that we will be using Latitude as an incentive for our local customers. Check our site frequently to see where we are located at any point in the day. If we are in your area, and available, you will receive $25 off your service call. This offer is good for existing AND new customers.

Let’s give Latitude a try!

We think it sounds like a win-win proposition.

Help us test drive Google Latitude and save $25!


Chicago Earth Day Green Event with @MafiaHairdreser

Earth Week is fast approaching and Northeast Cooling would like to invite you to a very special Earth Week event taking place on Monday, April 18th 2011 from 5:45 to 8:00 pm.


Please join us for @MafiaHairdreser’s GREEN CHICAGO Earthday Celebration at Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa in Chicago. This event brings “Social Media Royalty” together with a variety Chicagoland Green Groups.


Mingle, mix, and share your interests and skills!


Tickets are $10 and include food, beverages , and a secret recipe “Mafia-Mojito” concocted by jon-david, @MafiaHairdresser himself!

The evening will also include a screening of Meet the Gulf, by Pepsi Refresh Challenge winner, Alicia Ontiveros. The film is her documentary showcasing the everyday challenges faced by those affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

As a special treat, jon-david will be launching, and signing, his brand new book, Mafia Hairdresser. You may pre-purchase your book and pick it up at Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa, located at 1313 N Ritchie Ct. Chicago.

All event ticket, and raffle, purchases go into weekly raffles leading up to the event. ONE lucky Ticket Event attendee will win a Hair Make-Over at Joseph Michael’s Salon & Spa.

All proceeds from the evening will go to Climate Cycle, the May 22nd Chicago fun bike ride which puts solar power into Chicago schools.  You will also be able to sign up for Climate Cycle.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday the 18th of April!