Avoid Refrigeration Break Downs During Chicago Blizzard Weather

A large storm system is approaching Chicago.  Word on the street is that this could be the biggest Chicago blizzard in a long long time.  While this type of weather can be fun for kids who are looking for a few days off of school, it can be a nightmare for Chicago restaurants.

Here are a few reasons why.

These winters are often typical to Chicago, and they can lead to big problems with commercial refrigeration equipment.  Extremely cold weather can cause coolers and commercial freezers to run warm.  Large amounts of snow fall can also cause equipment to break down and lead to costly repairs.

This is especially true when the compressor units of your commercial refrigeration are located outside where drifting snow can get drawn into cooling condensers.  When this happens the compressors can shut off due to an internal safety switch.  During times of snow accumulation and or drifting snow, care should be taken to insure outdoor compressor units don’t get buried in snow.  This will result in warm product temperature in the conditioned space.

We recommend that after a snow storm, you and your restaurant should have an inspection of outdoor compressor units.  This inspection will help to ensure that they are not buried in snow.  If they are on a roof, a service company should be called out to perform the inspection for safety reasons.

Be sure to keep an eye on cooler and freezer temperatures during and after heavy snow fall.  You should also call for service if there is a rise in cooler or ice box temperature.

Northeast Cooling would be happy to help keep your valuable and important equipment running smoothly during this Chicago harsh winter weather.

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R22 Refrigerant Is Being Phased Out. Start Thinking Retrofit!

What type of gas does your commercial refrigeration equipment use?  Is it time to consider a change?  Northeast Cooling is here to help!

R22 Refrigerant is being phased out by the Montreal Protocol Act.  This ozone depleting refrigerant is is used in many air conditioning and refrigeration applications world wide, and this type of  gas is very commonly used in the Chicagoland area.  The sale of new R22 equipment is no longer allowed.  As of January 1st, 2010 the consumption and production of R22 gas has been reduced by 75%. By the year 2015 it will be 90% reduced.  The gas will be 99.5%  phased out by the year 2020. (source EPA HCFC Phaseout Schedule)

This has happened before, one of the first gasses to be completely phased out was R12 in 1995.  After the production of R12 stopped the price rose by hundreds of dollars.  It was used in air conditioning and refrigeration. Retrofit (replacement gasses) became available. This allowed technicians to convert the equipment to newer more ecologically friendly refrigerants.   R409A & Mp66 are two examples of R12 replacement gasses.

In refrigeration, there are two main choices to deal with the phaseout of R22 Gas.

1: Replace the equipment with newer systems that run on different refrigerant.

2: Retrofit existing system to run on new approved gas.

There are several types of gas available to be used in replacement of R22. One is M099, this gas is compatible with the existing oil in the system.  Using a replacement gas that is compatible with existing system oil can speed up the retrofit procedure. Another gas that can be used is 407C. This gas is requires the use of POE oil in the system. The old oil must be flushed out of system and replaced.

The price of R22 gas is already climbing fast, which makes now a perfect time  consider retrofitting or replacing your old R22 Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System.  Most new Air Conditioning equipment is now using R410A gas.  These systems are more efficient and far less harmful to the ozone.  There are some great government tax saving incentives when  buying  HVAC equipment. There are great incentives for Refrigeration upgrades too!

Do you own commercial refrigeration or HVAC equipment? We would like to offer a 2 step program to drastically green up your footprint.

1:  The next time a major repair is needed on your existing R22 Cooler or Freezer have us retrofit it to an ozone friendly gas, or replace it with new energy efficient equipment.

2: Have Northeast Cooling perform a building energy audit & show you the potential savings that could be had by installing WiSuite wireless building management system.

CrossFire™ LED lighting system – 85% Savings in Energy Costs

If you are in the commercial refrigeration industry and you have been wanting to chop off a big chunk of your energy cost expenses then the CrossFire™ LED lighting system is the best option for you.  Imagine saving about 85% of your energy cost by using the CrossFire™ LED lighting system – 85% that you could reinvest in other aspects of your refrigeration business.

Money is not the only thing you will save with the CrossFire™ LED lighting system because it will also lessen, if not remove, the heat that is being added to your cold environment. This feature of the CrossFire™ will help increase the life of your compressor as it reduces its run times because of the heat reduction that the CrossFire™ gives.

These positive points will make you save even more money because there will be lesser, if not no maintenance cost at all in your part,  and your initial investment in purchasing the CrossFire™ will be paid back in no time because of the huge savings it will give you in your energy costs. In less than two years, the money you have shelled out in your LED investment will have been paid off already.

The CrossFire™ LED lighting system is a new offering of SCHOTT Gemtron –  the leader in delivering outstanding refrigeration solutions.

Maintenance to-do List Saves You Precious Money

If you want to keep your refrigeration equipment running at its designed best then you must have a preventive maintenance schedule to remind you. A schedule is important for a busy person like you. At least having this list would not make you forget about what you should be doing at a particular time. You keep a daily-to-do list, right? Then why not keep a maintenance to-do list as well.

The list does not have to be very exhaustive;  just a couple of points with the corresponding task and person assigned to do the work should do.  A good example on your maintenance to-do list would be:

Task  – Department In-Charge – Person In Charge – Date checked

This list is by no means exhaustive and you can always format your maintenance to-do list according to your need. There really is not hard and fast rule about this. Just create a schedule and stick with it so that you get to reap the benefits of a preventive maintenance schedule.

Another  benefit of having a schedule is that you can acquaint your people with how the refrigeration equipment works. They will be able to sense if the equipment is not properly working because they have spent enough time maintaining it. It is always best to incorporate a weekly or bi-monthly schedule as part of your maintenance people’s work load. This way they would be able to repair equipment that is need of their attention as soon as possible.

Preventive maintenance schedule helps you save money by making sure that your equipment works as it should because it is well taken cared of.  Better yet you can contact the specialists to do the job for you.  Contact Northeast Cooling LLC for more details.

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Intellicon – RU can reduce electrical consumption between 10 – 20% on commercial refrigeration systems.

“Intellicon-RU is a Refrigeration Unit Electrical Consumption Economizer. It provides a great way to save on refrigeration costs. Intellicon-RU will reduce electrical consumption by 10 to 20%, when installed on commercial refrigeration/ freezer systems. It represents a major advancement in refrigeration system energy-saving technology, unsurpassed in today’s commercial refrigeration market place. Intellicon-RU is easily installed by a qualified installer, maintenance free and guaranteed to save energy. This product is UL listed as “Energy Management Equipment”. It allows the user to increase savings without replacing or upgrading costly system components. Intellicon-RU has a State of the art microcomputer controller, and LED indicators show operating modes.  It also protects the compressor against momentary power outages and short cycling.  The installation is simple when done by a qualified HVAC/R installer. No programing or follow- up visits are required after installation. This product offers year- round efficiency. It will also reduce the need for maintenance and extends the life of the compressor. It has fail safe operation. It is guaranteed to save energy. Intellicon-RU comes with a 15 year replacement warranty for breakdowns or defects.

Intellidyne’s intelligent Dynamic Cycle Management (DCM) Technology analyzes the demands and thermal characteristics of the entire refrigeration system, and dynamically modifies the compressor cycle pattern. These new patterns result in less frequent and more efficient compressor cycles. Just as computer control has increased the gas mileage of automobiles, Intellicon-RU improves the electrical efficiency of refrigeration systems, by supplementing the antiquated on/ off action of the thermostat or pressuretrol with the analysis and control capabilities of a computer.

The Intellicon DCM Technology “intelligent modification of compressor cycling” will result in significant electrical energy savings. It’s innovative and intelligent algorithms have field proven electrical savings not only on properly sized and operating systems, but also on units that were undersized or those that had not been properly maintained.

The Intellicon-RU works in conjunction with the existing temperature controls and will not void the compressor manufacturer’s warranty. An additional feature of the Intellicon-RU is the accepted industry practice of compressor anti-short- cycling control.”

Source: Intellidyne LLC  http://intellidynellc.com/02_pgRU.htm

Please contact Northeast Cooling LLC with any questions regarding the installation of this energy saving product. We service the Chicago area and Southern Wisconsin.  We would be happy to give a quote to install this money saving product in our service area.  Northeast Cooling LLC specializes in commercial refrigeration service, repair, and energy conservation.  http://northeastcooling.com