Round Lake Refrigeration

Northeast Cooling is a commercial refrigeration company based in Round Lake Illinois. We specialize in the service & repair of coolers, freezers & ice machines. We do one thing & we do it well! We cater to C Stores, Service Stations, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Scientific Labs & more.

KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller Is Innovation In Refrigeration

The KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller represents a major advance in Commercial Refrigeration temperature & operation control. Never before has temperature control, automatic defrost & anti short cycling been combined into one digital controller.   We are excited about the introduction of the KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller to the Commercial Refrigeration market recently. This…
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DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Inspection

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Inspection We’re here to help you with all things commercial refrigeration. We’d like to help you keep your machines running smoothly between maintenance calls. So, with some information and timely tips our aim is to assist business owners in better understanding when it’s time to make that call to schedule a…
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Commercial Refrigeration and Freezer Energy Star Definitions

As a Chicago commercial refrigeration and ice freezer maintenance, repair, and sales company…one of our passions and specialties is green refrigeration.  As part of our business, education is an important issue for green initiatives.  The more we educate our customers and the public about the ability to save both money and energy the more we…
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