Round Lake Refrigeration

Northeast Cooling is a commercial refrigeration company based in Round Lake Illinois. We specialize in the service & repair of coolers, freezers & ice machines. We do one thing & we do it well! We cater to C Stores, Service Stations, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Scientific Labs & more.

Refrigeration Maintenance Pays: A Client Lesson

It never pays to be penny-wise & dollar-foolish when it comes to maintenance of commercial refrigeration. Hopefully you can learn from this customer’s expensive lesson! We received a call on a Saturday in August for emergency service. As Murphy’s Law would have it, their 2-door cooler broke down on the weekend, when repairs come at…
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Storms Wreak Havoc Northeast Cooling Saves the Day!

Severe storms and extreme temperatures have wreaked havoc among homeowners and businesses alike across the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas in the past two weeks. Northeast Cooling knows firsthand how nerve-wracking and frustrating outages and overworked equipment can be for those that depend upon them for their livelihood. Last Saturday around 10 PM, we received a call…
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“Business Cards Suck. Hashable is awesome.”

  Could it be true there will be no more trading of business cards around the proverbial water cooler at networking events for this Chicago based Ice Machine Repair guy? If Hashable has its way, that’s exactly how things will go. During a recent interview with Fast Company, Michael Yavonditte, CEO of Hashable, said he…
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Chicago Blizzard And Snow Storm Twitter HashTags

The Chicago blizzard is officially upon us.  As the snow piles up, the Chicago social media community has responded with an avalanche of commentary, photos, and posts. The following tweets contain all the hashtags I’ve heard of so far for the Chicago Blizzard. Can you help add to the list? Reply to  @refrigeration or leave…
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Manitowoc Foodservice Earns Energy Star Partner Of The Year 2010

Our Vendor, Manitowoc Foodservice, Earns Energy Star Partner Of The Year! As a Chicago commercial refrigeration and ice machine service, repair, and sales company…finding the very best vendors is a must.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer restaurants around the Chicago area with the absolute best commercial refrigeration parts and equipment available. In…
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Team Refrigeration’s Big Day @ #fijihunt Event!

Team Refrigeration had a blast participating in Fiji Water Urban Hunt this weekend! @Leyla_A did a great job putting the event together. We would like to thank all the other sponsors who helped make this event happen & provided great prizes. The companies who got involved in this event all know how great social media…
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