KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller Is Innovation In Refrigeration

The KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller represents a major advance in Commercial Refrigeration temperature & operation control. Never before has temperature control, automatic defrost & anti short cycling been combined into one digital controller.


KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller For Medium & Low Temperature Reach In & Walk In CoolersWe are excited about the introduction of the KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller to the Commercial Refrigeration market recently. This product offers many new features for the control of medium & low temperature refrigeration systems that had previously required separate components for individual functions.

In the past temperature control, defrost & anti short cycling could be achieved only by using one component for each function. A thermostat was needed for temperature control, a separate defrost clock for defrost & a relay for anti short cycling of compressor. Now the KE2 Temp + Defrost Controller can handle all three tasks on medium temperature Refrigeration Equipment (low temperature applications would still require a separate defrost circuit for evaporator fan & coil heater control). The old style temperature, defrost & anti short cycle controls were usually mechanical. All of these features (temperature control, defrost & anti short cycling) are digital & included within the new Ke2 control.

We know from in the field experience that digital controls offer far better precision & accuracy than comparable mechanical refrigeration controls. KE2 also offers a visual alert for high temperature, low temperature & sensor. The control also indicates when system is in defrost mode & also when system is recovering temperature from a defrost mode. This feature cuts down on false alarms & unnecessary service calls. Ke2 is dual voltage & can operate on either 120 or 208 – 240 volt power supply. We believe that this new product offers great features in one digital control. We will be using the KE2 Temp + Defrost on most refrigeration repair & installation jobs in the future due to it’s features & dependability.

Features of the KE2 Temp & Defrost Controller:

  • Thermostat
  • Off time defrost on schedule or custom defrost
  • Compressor protection – Maximum starts per hour
  • Manual defrost
  • 1st defrost 2 hours after start up
  • Visual alarmingHigh temperature / Low Temperature / Sensor
  • Space temperature sensor is supplied with 10 foot lead


  • Relay for solenoid / compressor
  • 3 digit 7 – segment display
  • 4- button user interface
  • Modbus terminals (KE2 Temp includes RS-485 Modbus Communication)

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Mitch Byrne Is A Refrigeration Repair Expert

Mitch Byrne is a refrigeration repair expert. He has worked within the HVAC & Refrigeration trades for over fifteen years. He has concentrated on the diagnosis & repair of Commercial Refrigeration & Ice Machines in the Chicago area.

Mitch started his career as an unskilled laborer working in boiler demolition. He spent his days lugging bricks & large heavy boiler sections out of basements for minimal pay. After less than a year doing this back breaking & unrewarding work Mitch decided to enroll in HVAC & Refrigeration College to further his education & get a better job in the trades. He attended Coyne College in 1997 & graduated at the top of his class with full honors.

After attending trade school Mitch worked at a few residential heating & air conditioning companies in the North & West suburbs. While at the two companies he learned about installing heating & air conditioning systems including SpacePak. Mitch decided residential work was not for him & moved on to several  different Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC outfits.

Mitch learned very quickly & found his strength was in Commercial Refrigeration service & repair. Between 1998 & 2007 he worked at several HVAC & Refrigeration shops. While working at various shops he learned about HVAC, cooking equipment & refrigeration equipment.  He moved up at a rapid rate everywhere he worked due to his excellent diagnostic & repair skills as well as his communication skills related to dealing with customers. In 2007 Mitch hit the top of the pay scale available at that time. It was then that he decided to start his own business specializing in Commercial Refrigeration Service & Repair in Chicago land. Northeast Cooling LLC was founded in 2007 & has been going strong ever since then. Mitch Byrne Is A Refrigeration Repair Expert.

Mitch’s efforts have been noticed by others, especially his marketing skills & use of new media. Mitch had the foresight to grab the twitter handle @refrigeration! He has also been quoted or mentioned in several articles. Some of those articles are listed below.

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Chicago Is A Great Place To Do Refrigeration Work

There are literally dozens of reasons why Chicago is a great place to do refrigeration work. There are thousands upon thousands of potential customers including all the bars, restaurants, hotels & schools throughout the area. One of the best reasons to work in the refrigeration trade is all the beautiful views we get to catch from roof tops across the city!

Chicago Sunrise From Humboldt Park

Recently Mitch Byrne of Northeast Cooling was honored to be quoted in a blog post & press release done by Emerson Climate Technologies. The post was titled “The Top 10 States to Work in HVACR”. According to the blog Illinois ranked number five. It was beaten by California, Ohio, Florida & Texas. California, Florida & Texas we can understand due to all the excessive heat. While these states “may” have beaten Illinois in Emersons post we believe Illinois is a much better state to work in! We believe Illinois provides a superior advantage when it comes to a potential customer base & great networking opportunities. When you consider all Chicago has to offer like thousands of businesses in need of refrigeration & HVAC we find it hard to believe there is a better state to work the trade in!

Chicago has some extreme & unpredictable weather. We go from Blazing hot Summers to sub-zero windy & icy Winters. All these weather changes are tough on commercial refrigeration equipment. Remote or outdoor compressor units have the hardest time dealing with all these temperature fluctuations. Peak season weather is hardest on these units. That includes the hottest AND coldest days of the year. Believe it or not, some of our busiest days are when the temperature dips below zero degrees. This causes all sorts of low ambient problems for outdoor refrigeration compressor units. We have done whole blogs on this very topic. Here is more information on how cold weather affects outdoor refrigeration units. The bottom line is that between the great views, temperature swings, REAL seasons & phenomenal customer base we truly believe that Illinois is the best state to work in HVAC & Refrigeration!

R22 Phaseout Is Happening Fast! Now What?

R22 Gas Is Widely Used For Commercial Refrigeration. R22 Phaseout Is In Full Swing As Mandated By The EPA. Here Are Some Viable Options In Dealing With The Phaseout.

R22 Phaseout has been in the works for years. This gas was put on the EPA‘s hit list with the creation of the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer. When released into the atmosphere, R22 is far more harmful to the environment than newer types of refrigerant.

I’ve written this post with equipment owners in mind: We will skip the specific details of R22 Phaseout and instead offer end users like Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Florists & Liquor Stores options to prepare for what’s ahead. R22 is over, it’s time to move on instead of beating a dead horse. We know for a fact that there is way too much R22 Commercial Refrigeration equipment still being used in Chicago & Lake County, Illinois. The price of R22 is already skyrocketing, so the time to think about options is NOW!

  • Do not let a HVAC or Refrigeration Contractor sell you new R22 equipment. It’s still out there. They may be offering a good deal, but why buy obsolete equipment?
  • If an existing R22 system has a major leak & loses all the refrigerant it creates the perfect opportunity to retrofit the system to a replacement gas like MO99. If a contractor states that a R22 system is “warm due to losing the charge” ask for a quote to retrofit the system to a replacement gas! We recommend MO99 gas because it is compatible with any oil in the system & runs at a lower head pressure. Changing to MO99 gas will actually make the system run more efficiently due to the lower head pressure. That means you save money on electricity!
  • If your R22 refrigeration compressor fails, don’t replace it with a new R22 compressor. Instead, get a quote for a compressor that is set up for a newer style gas such as R404A. As long as your system metering device is a TXV you should be able to have a contractor change the metering device in the evaporator coil to match the new style gas. Often the only thing needed to retrofit a system is a new compressor & a new metering device.
  • If your R22 system is over 8 years old & requires a major repair consider upgrading to all new energy efficient & ozone-friendly equipment!

Northeast Cooling LLC has specialized in energy efficient refrigeration & refrigerant retrofit in the Chicago area for over 15 years. Please contact us with any questions at 847.409.3332 or drop us an email

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Evaporator Fan Controller For Refrigeration

Conserve Energy By Controlling Evaporator Fan Motor Speed On Commercial Refrigeration Walk In Cooler & Walk In Freezer Evaporator Coils

Energy Saving Evaporator Fan Controller For Walk In Coolers & Freezers
Functional Devices Evaporator Fan Controller Model EFC4045T

Save money and electrical consumption on your Walk In Coolers & Walk In Freezers with the Refrigeration Evaporator Fan Controller by Functional Devices Inc. This is crucial, especially when you consider Commercial Refrigeration accounts for at least 20% of electrical consumption worldwide!

The process is simple: When the supply air from the Evaporator Coil is equal to return air, fan speed is decreased. When the supply air from the evaporator coil is colder than return air, fan speed is increased. The major benefits to installing this Controller are drastically reduced energy consumption and less heat generated into the conditioned space. This results in longer refrigeration off cycles & increased energy savings. Most Evaporator Fan Motors run 24 hours a day, so optimizing operation can achieve signifigant savings. The controller comes in two models: The EFC4045T can control both Shaded Pole Motors & ECM Motors; Model EFCECM1T is designed for use with ECM Motors only.

I’ve compiled a short list of the specifications & features of the Evaporator Fan Controller. For more information including a calculation of energy savings, money savings calculator, installation instructions  & data sheet downloads see the manufacturer’s website.

  • Simple Installation
  • For use With Walk In Coolers & Freezers
  • When Compressor Is Off Evaporator Fan Speed Is Automatically Reduced
  • Compatible with 120, 208 & 240 Volt Circuits
  • Compatible With ECM Motors & Shaded Pole Motors
  • Heat Load In Conditioned Space Is Reduced & The Result Is Longer Off Cycles & Increased Energy Savings

Northeast Cooling LLC specializes in Commercial Refrigeration Energy Conservation & Refrigerant Retrofit in Lake County Illinois & the Chicago area. Please contact us with any questions regarding the installation of an Evaporator Fan Controller, energy savings or any other refrigeration concerns. Call us at 847.409.3332 or contact us by email.

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