3 Easy Refrigeration Energy Consumption Tips To Save Money

With the current economy teetering back and forth on a recovery, Chicago restaurants need to make every penny count and go as far as they can.  As Chicago’s premiere commercial refrigeration and ice freezer maintenance, repair, and sales company… we’re here to help stretch your restaurant’s energy dollars with some helpful tips.

The three tips we’re covering today are easy to implement and don’t cost anything for your restaurant to initiate.  But don’t let these tips’ lack of needed effort fool you into thinking it’s not real savings.  Implementing these fast energy savers will save real dough in your restaurant’s kitchen.


Defrost Your Restaurant’s Food On A Regular Basis

How does your restaurant currently defrost your food?  Are you traditionally just using the practice of defrosting food under running hot water?  How about developing a schedule and pattern to defrost your food.  Think about this: If a two-gallon-per-minute faucet is used for this purpose just one hour every day for a year, the cost may be greater than $800!


Allow Air To Circulate Around Your Commercial Refrigerators And Ice Freezers

As we’ve explained in previous posts, commercial refrigerators remove heat from inside the box unit and rid the heat through the coils.  When you and your restaurant staff are cleaning the kitchen and cleaning around your commercial refrigerator or ice freezer units, do not push your units into tight spaces where the heat will build and build, forcing the unit to work harder and use more energy.  We all know more energy means more money, so give your commercial refrigeration units and your bottom line a break.


Move Your Ice Production To The Night Shift

Install a timer and shift ice production to nighttime, where it’s considered off-peak hours. Most restaurants will pay less for electricity at night (off-peak hours), so shifting ice production to the off-peak hours will save you some money while using the same exact power.  An added benefit is that you’ll also eliminate the distraction of a noisy, hot piece of equipment during normal kitchen hours.

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