5 Steps To Conserve Energy & Extend Life Of Refrigeration Equipment In Chicago

Condenser partially cleaned

The following is a short, but extremely important, list of things end-users can do on their own to reduce power usage and extend the life of their commercial refrigeration units including coolers, freezers, and ice machines.   This list is easy to check, and  critical in maintaining proper product temperature. If, after reading this, you should have any questions please feel free to contact us! 1: KEEP CONDENSER COILS CLEAN: This includes condensers on coolers, freezers, and ice machines! The condenser coil is the heat exchanger on refrigeration units. It's the coil located on the outside of unit and expels the heat from refrigerant by passing it through a coil with the aid of a fan. It is ESSENTIAL TO KEEP THIS COIL CLEAN for proper operation of the unit. Failure to do so will result in expensive repairs including, but not limited to, compressor failure, fan motor failure, capillary tubing restrictions, burnt wiring and thermostat failure. We recommend that the … [Read more...]

Northeast Cooling offers Emerson’s Energy Saving Refrigeration Units

Emerson Technologies

Northeast Cooling is pleased to announce that it will be offering some amazing new energy saving products by Emerson Climate Technologies. We will be offering both the K5 compressor and the XJ condenser and are ready to assist businesses upgrade to these Green units. Both products were showcased at the AHR Expo last month in Chicago.  These new Emerson products show great promise in the effort to Go GREEN for businesses with walk-in coolers, freezers, and other commercial refrigeration needs. Copeland Scroll® K5 Refrigeration Compressor Emerson recently debuted its new commercial refrigeration systems that have the potential to help businesses reduce their refrigeration expenses by up to 10 percent. The unit is powered by the Copeland Scroll® K5 refrigeration compressor. The compressor is designed for those with large volume refrigeration needs in commercial situations. It is equipped with CoreSense ™ technology that allows a contractor to diagnose issues on-site and … [Read more...]

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Inspection

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DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Inspection We're here to help you with all things commercial refrigeration. We'd like to help you keep your machines running smoothly between maintenance calls. So, with some information and timely tips our aim is to assist business owners in better understanding when it's time to make that call to schedule a maintenance appointment for their commercial coolers and freezers in Chicago. We're also sharing some handy pointers on preventive maintenance that the end user can perform on their own. First TIP, and essential, to a well running cooler or freezer: Routine maintenance should be performed at least twice per year. A thorough plan performed by a service company should include the following: Pressure Cleaning Condenser Coils (degrease if necessary) Pressure Clean Drain Lines Monitor Temperature & Cycling Check Refrigerant Level Check Condenser and Evaporator Fan Motors & Blades Check Electrical Connections: … [Read more...]

Summer Sizzle Elicits One Word: Maintenance!

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  After this past week's heat brief, but brutal, heat wave we just cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment. While we love the business, we hate to see you in a bind! Even one of our friends learned the hard way at home in Lake County. "Who needs to check the air conditioning?"  Our friend has since changed her tune when the a/c unit refused to turn on as the temperature inside the house was soaring to 89 degrees!  The guilty will remain nameless to shelter her from further shame at the lack of preventative maintenance. She survived, but you don't want the same thing to happen to your commerical refrigeration equipment! You NEED your ice machine! You NEED cooling for your food and beverage service. Be sure to check out our previous maintenance checklist post!   Be sure to check out our SPECIALS all around the web!  Save $ Facebook. Track us on Google Latitude located on our home page and save on … [Read more...]

EPA Helps Businesses Transition to GREEN Practices with GreenChill!

Greenchill - EPA Partnership with Advanced Refrigeration

GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership is a program recently introduced by the EPA to assist  those in the hospitality industry by alleviating the guesswork in making the transition to more environmentally friendly refrigerants in the upcoming years. The EPA describes GreenChill as an "EPA Partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change."  The ultimate goal of this partnership it to help improve air quality through the reduction of emissions that contribute to ozone depletion. This team effort was brought about by The Montreal Protocol, which began in 1987 as means to reduce and eliminate the use of CFCs and HCFCs.  This includes a globally mandated ban on Freon, and other CFC and HCFC gases, set to be at 99.5 percent below the determined baseline by the year 2020. We are currently at 75 percent below the determined baseline. These numbers alone can prove confusing, as well as the … [Read more...]

Think Your Commercial Ice Machine Is Clean? Think Again!


They look innocuous enough.  Just sitting there waiting to quench our thirst and cool our beverages any time we need them. We grab the provided cup, put it under the ice dispenser, then fill up with our desired beverage. Simple. Easy. No worries. Right? We all take soda machines, and commercial ice machines in general, for granted. Maybe we should think twice. We use them every day as business owners and consumers.  They are reliable and a staple of the hospitality industry, yet it’s easy to forget that the quiet workhorse of the industry needs just as much TLC as its fancy espresso-making counterparts. Commercial ice machines, whether the kind found attached to fountain drink dispensers, or stand-alone units, are prone to scale build-up, as well as mold growth, on the water lines. These undesirables can come in contact with the lines and DIRECTLY with the ice that goes into your beverages! This can create taste issues, health concerns, and equipment failure! The idea that we … [Read more...]